Happy V-Day!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day all!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

I hope your day was as relaxing as mine. Travis and I decided not to really do much this year: just exchange a few gifts and relax. I got some new earrings and those kiss bears, he got a pair of boxers and a new t-shirt. It's so great... drunken parrots on a hammock and it says "The weather is here... wish you were beautiful...". Lol. We were both very happy. We went and saw my family as well... I made dinner for Trav, my bro, and I while my parents went out to see a musical things.

Let's see, what else is new? Well, I got my taxes all done which is nice. Unfortunately all I got was a nice $0.00 credit to my name. Great. But at least I don't owe anything! Classes have been going well... I haven't had to do a lot so far, but now I have a test tomorrow and its going to bite me in the ass that I haven't done anything yet. Grrr. At least Spring Break is only 3 weeks away, which is f*in awesome! I'm counting down the days.

First though, I have to get through Tuesday. I have a small procedure to remedy this minor heart problem i have. Its called SVT, and you can look it up here: ... I'm getting an ablation done, which will hopefully get rid of it for good! So wish me luck as i am a bit nervous! Besides that not too much is new... I'm still stressing about the job stuff, and working a bunch, and spending time with travis on the weekends. That's about it for life right now. Being busy and counting down the days until all that is to come.

Count Down:
3 days to Ablation
2.5 weeks to Flyers Game
3 weeks to Spring Break!!
2 months, 2 weeks to Last Day of Class ever!
2 months, 3.5 weeks to Italy
3 months, 1 week to Graduation!