This week has been busy. Run around, pull your hair out, "it's five o'clock already? but i'm not DONE yet!" kind of busy. At first it seemed nice that my boss was out for the week... it would be so quiet and relaxing. Not quite as cute when I notice the note he left me with a list of things I could do in his absense. When I read the part that said "I hope this is enough to keep you busy." I kind of wanted to beat him. But when I got done with another item on the list yesterday and realized that I happily could have stretched this list to last me a month...
*trying to restrain self from pulling out all hair*

But I will have it done. And we can spend our friday contently "review[ing] where we are... and discuss[ing] what we have to do [next]", and I will be polite and happy, and just hold my breath until the end of the day. Because you know what the end of tomorrow means?

"I'm leavin on a jet plane..."

Vegas, here I come. High of 103* for today tomorrow and Saturday, 100* on Sunday, and 99* on Monday when we fly home. It's my first time there ever, so I'm very excited to be spending it with some great fun girls. I will miss my boy though, very very much!

I love you Trav!

Okay, well back to crazy. I have flyers to produce, emails to update, letters to write.

And grapes to eat. Boy are these good. Mmm....



a little random and odd...

but that's okay.

I had a dream last night, very weird, and Gene Simmons was in it. At one point I humped his booted leg to make up for not understanding his artistic vision. I repeat, it was very weird. But it prompted me to look him up online today. He is a lot more "multi-faceted" then I first assumed.

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons was born in Haifa, Israel in 1949 and is the only child of his mother, a German Nazi Concentration Camp survivor.

He has always attributed his ethics, morals and drive to his mother's notion's about life. "Every day above ground, is a good day," his mother is apt to say. Every day above ground, indeed.

He came to America at eight and a half years of age.

He graduated State University (NYSU) and City University (CUNY) and got a Bachelor of Education degree.

He taught sixth grade in Spanish Harlem in New York City.

He then became the Assistant to the Director of the Puerto Rican InterAgency Council, a government funded research and demonstration project.

He worked at Glamour and then at Vogue, as the assistant to the editor, Kate Lloyd.

Gene speaks a few languages: English, Hungarian, Hebrew, German and is getting better at Japanese every day. At present, he is becoming fascinated by Mandarin Chinese and has every intention of becoming fluent in it.

Make no mistake about it.

He will.

Gene Simmons has never been married.
He has had live in relationships with Cher and Diana Ross.

He has been happily unmarried for 23 years to Shannon Tweed, the mother of his two beautiful children.

Gene Simmons lives in Bevery Hills, California.

Just thought it was interesting...


hit the ground running...

I'm back!! Did you miss me?
Last week was great. Fishing, relaxing at the beach, Boston for an evening, a trip to Nantuckett, a lobster dinner... just to name a few items of fun. It was a great week. Very relaxing... and definitely helped me get my get-up-and-go back. I ate too much junk, but we spent lots of time outside and walking around. Plus, its vacation... none of those calories count. ;-)
A few pictures (from Andy's camera because of course I haven't downloaded mine yet).

We headed to Cheers after picking Andy and Megan up from the airport (after which we walked around the Gardens and Common for a little).

The food wasn't really anything special (it was fine, but not great)... but it was fun to say we did it!

Andy and Megan on the ferry to Nantuckett.

Fishing off the dock (Andy in the water).

This week is going to be crazy. I have so much work to catch up on. And our evenings are pretty busy too. Last night we picked up my ring from Kay... newly resized. Tonight we are having a belated birthday dinner with Miyano, Hiro, Yu-yu, and Joe. Should be fun. Then tomorrow night Trav works and I need to unpack my suitcase from last week and pack for this weekend (VEGAS!)... which should be interesting since I need to check my lugage for once... which sucks. No shampoo (it explodes), but I am going to pack some hairspray and maybe lotion in plastic bags in a toiletry case. Hope for the best. Thursday Travis is home and we will probably just be relaxing and enjoying each others company before I leave. Then Friday I catch my plane with Ro... and off to Vegas we go!! Woot!

Okay, well I have to get back to work. I have so so much to get done this week, and not enough time to do it!


one last day to get through

Vacation time starts tonight! We are all packed and ready. Just have to load the car, head to pick up Willy, and away we will go. Not looking forward to spending the whole ride in the back seat, or having to listen to Willy-appropriate music, but am definitely happy that he will be joining us. He's a fun guy.

I wanted to leave you with a really fun entry, since i will be gone for a computerless week... and I don't want you to abandon me ;-) but I'm no Heather or William or Barry, so I can only do so much and hope for the best.

The Hill
They were walking along, when they came to a steep section of hill. It was covered in brambles, prickles, and generally not a great piece of land to find laying in your path. The walk had been great so far, and they wanted it to continue. There were two ways down the hill... to pick your way through, carefully, step-by-step to the bottom... or to run. The woman started down ever so slowly, carefully. The man, ran. Crashing through the brush, barely letting each footstep hit the ground, he catapulted himself practically over the mess and towards the bottom.

The woman flashed to Kerouac... The Dharma Bums. She smiled and knew that they had something, knew that she loved him. The man reached the bottom and saw the sheer edge with road below...

He jumped.

Not that my generation doesn't have fun... but boy did those kids live. Sometimes you can't pick your way through lifes obsticles, but run at them head on! Full force and just break through. My parents have such great stories.

She picked her way along the stairs and the steeply inclined "floors". It was difficult on this side, but quiet, empty save for the few morning walkers also eager to avoid the tourist crush. Most people didn't come to this side. Why would they, when they could still experience it over there and not have to work for it? But this was so much better. Keeping her own pace, able to look over both sides and see it all without jostling for room.

She stops for pictures. But they won't do justice... won't catch the breeze or the sun just starting to warm the air. How do you capture it? You don't, but she lives it fully in each moment so that she can memorize it. This is an endless part of her now.

She continues up the wall until she can see in all directions, and then slowly, reluctantly starts back down. They only have so much time. It seems even steeper when she's heading down. But she doesn't care. She climbed the Great Wall.

I guess, my stories aren't all that bad either.

See you in about 9 days. Don't forget me until then.


random thursday thoughts

Some people might call this puppy abuse. Some of us are just enjoying it too much to call it anything other then F*ckin Funny.

Yesterday I paid a woman to rip all the hair off of my legs. Love how that works. It's also "funny" how it hurt like a bitch and didn't even seem to work all that well. I guess we'll see if I end up having to shave while on vacation. *sigh*

I also went out for a drink. ME! Out! With Travis and OTHER PEOPLE. For a Drink!
It was fun. Paul, Biv, and Amy are definitely good company (coworkers of Trav, plus one wife)... although I was falling asleep by 11:30 (damn 10 o'clock bedtime), and we left by 12. I'm exhausted today, but it was worth it.

I've realized that I am no longer a night person, since I have to get up every morning... and I was never a morning person. So what am I now? Oh yea... Always tired. That's what I am.

I also dropped off my ring to be resized, and won't get it back until after vacation. My finger feels naked.

Okay, enough randomness. Joe is buying me lunch for a belated b-day thing. Yay!

forward thinking

Is it wrong that I'm getting wistful, nostgalic, reflective for someone else's kids starting up school? If your answer is yes, then read what Susan wrote here and I think your ovaries will ache a little too. She makes me look forward to those first days of school for my children, and wistful for the ones in my past. She makes me feel like maybe two boys would be alright after all (although maybe she might wonder where I exactly in her blog I got that), and look forward to Travis and my "one day".

Maybe I'm just getting soppy because I have my internet back. Maybe its the getting older thing (okay, stop laughing). Maybe its the fact that I so desperately am counting down to our vacation next week, or the fact that our wedding is in less then 2 months! But whatever the reason... here I am being reflective.

Humor me here, its countdown time yet again.

JIMMY BUFFET!!!!!!!!! Done.
Mail our invites. Done!
My birthday! Done!
2 days until we leave for Cape Cod for over a week!! :-)

2 weeks 2 days until the girls and I take over VEGAS! Hot!
4 weeks 6 days until our RSVPs are due.
5 weeks 2 day until the first day of Autumn (9/23 this year).

8 weeks 2 days (aka less then 2 months or just 58 days!) until Travis and I finally make it legal!!!!! :-)

Time is flying.

Before I go (I mean a woman has to get her work done)... a huge Congratulations and Good Luck to my Hoser, who started Law School on Monday. I know she's going to kick some ass.

Okay, now I'm out.

My birthday card...


crazy couple of days

It's been a crazy couple of days... no internet at all yesterday (which really stunk since I'm at the front desk all week too), mostly down on Friday... great weekend though. Saturday I was lazy in the morning, but it was just so gorgeous out that I couldn't stay inside. When Travis went to work, I headed to Ridley Creek State Park in Media. It is beautiful there... so peaceful and quiet, with woods, gardens, and horse stables and fields. I took pictures which I will upload soon... and spent a few hours hiking around and enjoying the outdoors. It was really nice.
Sunday was a day of complete laziness, which was really nice. Just laying around, watching some old X-files, talking to my mom, brother, and mother-in-law.

Yesterday, no internet... so it took me about an hour just to work through my emails when i got home. But we got five RSVPs! And I got a birthday present! From my beloved hoser!! Homemade cookies... she is the best.

Then there is today!

Twenty four years ago, today, I came kicking and screaming into this world. Its been pretty damn good so far... :-)

Pictures to come. But had to give you something.


up and down, up and down.

The internet in this place has been up and down, up and down, repeatedly over the past few days and it has been a huge pain in the ass. Luckily I haven't been working on any big emails when we lost it, but the possibility is there and that is annoying. Not to mention the fact that not being able to have any distraction is enough to make me put my head down and cry. Or at least bang it on the desk a few times. Get me out of here!

On a nicer note, we got our first RSVP back yesterday... props to the US Postal Service. Plus, just four days until my birthday, and one week until we head to the Cape. Vacation is going to be so sweet.

Travis is working this weekend... but hopefully we can do something. Maybe Sunday afternoon/evening when he gets home. I'm sure I'll end up just doing errands.

But for now, back to work.

To close... a pretty picture to brighten your day. At least, I hope it does. It certainly makes me smile!! :-)

Ps. I finally got the pictures to work! Here and Here.


a day in the life: august

A little late, but saw Susan's day and thought I would go for round two also. So without further ado:

(I'm going to do yesterday, since, as it is only 9:45, I haven't really had a day yet.)
I half wake up to Travis shutting the windows in our room and covering me with the sheet. It's actually cold in our room, the heat wave broken and the day not starting to warm up yet, and I love it. I relish the feeling of cold. I fall back asleep for the next 20 or so minutes until my alarm goes off, and fumble for the snooze button. I don't want to get up yet... don't want to start the day... but 7 minutes later the alarm goes off again, so up I get.
I stumble into the bathroom, pee, brush my teeth and hair, and hope into the shower. I decide to try out the sample of shampoo and conditioner I got in the mail, and wonder if (in fact) they will give my hair more body and shine. I'm not holding my breathe. I shower, I quickly shave at the end after deciding that I'm going to wear a skirt, and I towel off. Run the brush through my hair, put on some face lotion, and I'm pretty much ready. I wander off to the bedroom, grab my skirt and stare at my closet hoping a shirt will throw itself at me. One doesn't, so I grab the first thing I see which doesn't completely clash and isn't too heavy, and am done with it. I run the brush through my hair again, and head downstairs to grab breakfast, our wedding invitations (stuffed, sealed, stamped, and ready!), my bag... and I'm out the door.
I ride to the train station, drink my breakfast while I wait, and listen to the radio. An uneventful ride into the city follows... me reading my book, periodically touching the invitations sitting on the seat next to me, as if to comfort them that I'm here to protect them and their ride is almost over. We arrive in the city and I head to the post office. Invitations in the mail! I should feel relief and excitement, but instead I just hope that the post office doesn't lose them all. You know, every single invitation... dropped down behind a machine or something. I'll feel better when people start to get them. I head to work.
Miyano is out today, I remember as I arrive... so I head to my office, grab some papers, and return to the front desk. I hate sitting at the front desk. I turn on the computer, get settled in, and pray that the internet is back in operation. *audible sigh of relief when it is!* I check my email, plan out my day, and get to work. Around ten, Barbara and I prepare for the arrival of a foreign delegation for a meeting with the Pres. There will be seven of them, so we wash coffee cups, start coffee and water for tea, and carry all the necessary accompaniments into the meeting room. They arrive promptly at 10:30... all 11 of them. Shit.
Pop into the bathroom and notice my shirt in the mirror... makes me look nice and bloated. Maybe next time a more fitted shirt with my loose flowy skirt. Oh well, I'm hippie chic. Stop by my desk to grab some lunch. Intern that I graciously allowed to use my computer gives me a look and asks if he can help me. I resist the urge to strangle him and throw him out the window. Barely. Hear the interns laughing as I return to the front desk and wonder if they are laughing at me. I decide that I don't care and get back to work. The afternoon actually passes at a reasonable pace. I get a craving for Femi's Mega Fries (fries with bacon, cheese sauce, mozzarella, and ranch dressing) and email Travis about it. No reply... damn! At five, I pack up, return items to my desk and head out.
It's pretty nice outside. A little warm, but heavenly compared to before. The train is cool, and the ride home quiet. I get a call from Travis as we are pulling into my stop. He tells me he is just leaving work, but that I should call and order the fries and he will stop for them... Yay! I head home, order the food, and start making burgers. It is the next step in our plan to eat through our freezer before we head to the Cape for a week, so that we can defrost and clean the freezer on our return. Hamburger meat, check!
I'm cooking up the burgers when Travis gets home with the fries and burger buns. We chow down and decide that we should probably eat salad for dinner the next day. We talk about our day and about our upcoming plans... then watch some TV, and Travis does the dishes. We head upstairs and order the gifts for the groomsmen, and I bid on more leaves from eBay. Who would have thought that I would be paying for leaves? We head back down and relax in front of the tube again for a bit... tired, but happy. When our show ends at ten we head upstairs to get ready for bed. I must have been even more exhausted then I thought because I didn't even see 11:30!!

Now for today! Can't believe its Wednesday already... hope the week continues to fly! Also hope my bloated tummy feels better soon. Ugh.


no internet and the front desk make megan a dull girl

Much more mild today... I'm liking that (this weekend they are calling for highs of 82 and 83!). At the front desk in Miyano's absence, not enjoying that nearly so much. At least we got our internet back... yesterday it was out, all damn day. Makes for a very long day.

Invitations are in the mail as of this morning, a little early, but not very much so. I can't believe its that time already. Next friday is Cape Cod, next tuesday is my birthday. It all goes so fast after that! I can't wait to start getting responces.

Hopefully tonight Trav and I can go for a bit of a walk to enjoy this great weather.

I'm thinking about getting extensions for the wedding so that I have more hair to play with... if I can get them inexpensive. Creepy or no? Just not thrilled with my fine, limp, not growing fast enough hair. Urgh.

Anything else? Not right now...


this is the weekend update

It's cooled down. I have newly trimmed hair. There is a football game on today! With the Eagles! I started putting together our invitations. It's going a lot faster then I thought. I saw the quads and the baby monster. All are well, all are still cute. Today is lazy, and I think we'll be hanging out with Ro & Pat. I made bisquits and sausage gravy for breakfast... I have enough calories in me now to not eat for the rest of the day. I'm a pretty happy girl.

Lesson for the day: You CAN hurt someone with macaroni noodles. And that someone would be me.

Pictures Here, Here, (well, once blogger decides to let me upload photos again!!) and below:

Anna with a butterfly.

Maddy with another.

Me with my mom's flowers.

My beautiful Mum.


this time of year...

It's so hard to get comfortable this time of year. It's sweltering out, with tons of humidity... you're hot and cranky and miserable. In office, you're cold and you know its better then outside, but its still not comfortable. Tell me why they have to keep it at about 12* in here...

Sorry I'm complaining a lot. I know I am... and honestly, in general (minus the weather), I'm really pretty happy right now.

I just can't wait for autumn. I want to throw my windows open and get the beautiful, comfortable, 70-something degree air. I'm ready for changing leaves and cardigans and tights.

This weekend will be glorious relief though. Low 80s, no plans (well except for a hair appt, but that's no biggie), getting the last of our invite envelopes from my mom. Travis has off.

2 weeks until the Cape. Less then that until my birthday. 4 until Vegas. There is so much to be happy about and grateful for.

Travis and I had a great night last night. Very low-key. We watched Secretary, which was Maggie Gyllenhaal's breakout role. It is definitely an interesting movie! To say the least! As you first get into the movie, you don't know where exactly it is going... but in the end it turns into almost a love story of sorts. It was good, we both liked it.

Tonight he works, but I'm just going to relax and get a few odds and ends done. God I love Friday.


so tired!

Wow, sleep is so difficult when it is this hot out. Last night I was still awake at 3am... tossing and turning and sweating and in the end literally groaning at the fact that I was so tired, but so unable to sleep. Travis woke up to pee, and once he figured out what was wrong, went and got me a wash cloth soaked in cold water. I was laying there in the oppressively hot darkness, when I heard him walk up and felt the most wonderful coolness against my forehead. At that moment I couldn't have imagined anything feeling better. After giving my shoulders and chest and face a sweep... and putting the cloth back on my head... I was asleep withing 15 minutes. I woke up this morning snuggling my wash cloth, which was still a bit cold! Loves it.

Loves my boy too. :-)

Speaking of all that lovey dovey stuff. A big Congratulations to my Uncle Jim who just got engaged to his girlfriend (now Fiancee) Christina! Happy wishes to you both... can't wait for the wedding!!!

Okay, almost done... time to finish up strong. Still riding high on all the Jimmy waves. Yay!
Enjoy this while you miss me! Ta!



Last night was amazing. It was all I could have hoped for from a Jimmy Buffett show... from the crazy drunk people during tailgates beforehand, to the amazing playlist (included below), to the high I felt afterward (and the fact that we actually got out pretty damn quickly!)!

I left work as normal and hoped on PATCo... which dropped me about 5 blocks from the Tweeter Center. It wasn't a bad walk, but it was damn hot... so I was sweating already by the time I got there. I quickly found the boys, who had gotten great spots in the closest lot. They had a little grill set up and were grilling dogs and burgers, and were well on their way to drunk! :-)

They also happened to be parked next to a group who had arrived in a truck... a truck who's bed they had lined with a huge tarp and filled with water! Their own little swimming pool. Normally I would have stayed away from their shadiness, but dear god, did I mention it was HOT?!

We headed into Tweeter around 7:30ish... and found some seats near the back of the lawn, by the chainlink fence. This was a purposeful move as it was the only place where we would get a good view and a nice breeze! We could have pushed up to the front, but it was so not worth it, as even at the front of the lawn you are behind all the actual seats, and then you can't see the big screen. So we chose the former, and I was so glad we did as it was hot enough anyway. Everyone was covered in sweat, but it was so worth it.

Here's what was played:

1. Coastal Confessions
2. Brown Eyed Girl
3. I Will Play for Gumbo
4. Pencil Thin Mustache
5. It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere (w/Mac)
6. Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit
7. Floridays
8. Come Monday (The Beach Band)
9. Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes
10. Cheeseburger in Paradise
11. Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw (dedicated to Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson)
12. Party at the End of the World (from his new album coming out in October)
13. One Particular Harbour


14. Knees of My Heart
15. Window on the World
16. Son of a Son of a Sailor
17. The Peanut-Butter Conspiracy
18. Werewolves of London
19. A Pirate Looks at Forty
20. Desperation Samba (Halloween in Tijuana)
21. Dixie Chicken (Little Feat Cover)
22. Volcano
23. Margaritaville


24. Fins
25. USS Zydecoldsmobile
26. Scarlet Begonias (in honor of Jerry Garcia's birthday)

During "Fins"

It was a great concert. The songs were all great, the audience was very into it, and even during the intermission, they didn't leave you hanging. They played a clip from the Live at Wrigley Field DVD that came out yesterday, of Jimmy playing "City of New Orleans" in tribute to the city that could be bent, but not broken!! It was such a great rendition, and it was so nice to hear so much of the audience singing along to it... even though Jimmy wasn't on the stage at the time.

It was just such a great time... all I had expected.
My only disappointment was not getting a tour shirt... though I will see what I can do about that. If you live in Boston, New York, Detroit, Chicago or Indianapolis, shows are coming your way. Let a girl know if you can hook her up. :-)

Okay, back to work. I'm very tired today, so I don't know if I'll be able to work at my normal speed, but I will do my best!


just for shits and giggles.

I actually like these things. It's kind of fun to go back later and see how you answers have changed. I did this over a period of a few hours, when I needed breaks from the boring as hell other stuff I was working on. Enjoy.

... series one//basics

-- whole name : Megan Katie G***-H******
-- birthdate : 08.15
-- birthplace : Allentown, PA
-- eye color : hazel
-- hair color : plain old light brown.
-- righty or lefty : righty
-- zodiac sign : leo
-- innie or outtie : innie

...series two// favorites
-- music : i really like all kinds, anything from Jimmy Buffett to the Misfits, but I guess my favorite is classic rock
-- cartoon : the simpsons and family guy
-- color : blue
-- magazine : Redbook
-- tv show: House, The Closer, old reruns of Friends and X-files
-- song : many... any song off hillbilly deluxe by Rob Zombie, Lone Palm by Jimmy Buffet, and Sweet Home Alabama by Lynard Skynard to name a few
-- language : i love the sound of asian languages, chinese and japanese.
-- food//beverage : Sushi, and all things italian... specifically cheese tortellini with pesto sauce. To drink, either mint tea or milk
-- subject in school : N/A anymore... but I would love to go back and do some research oriented classes about asia
-- ice cream flavor : mint chocolate chip
-- roller coaster : any that goes fast and has loops.

...series three// what you did
-- the first thing you did when you woke up this morning : groaned, hit my snooze button, and rolled back over for 7 more much needed minutes
-- the last image/thought you go to sleep with : right now, "damn it's hot"
-- the first feature you notice in the opposite sex : their smile, their eyes, and their hair
-- the best name for a butler : jeeves :-)
-- your bedtime : normally between 10 and 11, depending on if travis is working that night or not.
-- your greatest fear : losing the ones i love... failure, and more specifically, not being able to do something when i really put my mind to it.
-- your missed memory : hmm, i really do miss school. sometimes. :-)

...series four//do you
-- believe in yourself? : most of the time, but everyone has their moments
-- have any tattoos/where? : i have my name in chinese characters on my right shoulder blade, i have the celtic tree of life between my belly button and my left hip, my mystical man in the moon on my left ankle, my flame design on my lower back, and my tribute to my grandparents on my right ankle. hopefully sooner rather then later i'll be adding two more (gaelic phrase on my left forearm and fairy design on my left shoulder blade).
-- have any piercing/where? : 3 in the bottom of each ear, 1 in each cartilage (can't spell), my belly button, and my left nipple... wishing i could still have my eyebrow
-- think you're a health freak? : *looking at my easy mac* hmm, maybe not.
-- get along with your parents? : yes, we get along great now. i love our relationship!
-- Like thunderstorms? : Oh man, they are one of my alltime favorite thing!!!

....series five// the future
-- age you hope to be married : I'll be 24.
-- numbers and names of children : we are thinking two. i love the name Gwenivere for a daughter and Gabrial or Benjamin for a son. we'll see though.
-- Describe your Dream Wedding : the one that's going to happen this October. outside, autumn time, with our family and friends... most important, with Travis!
-- How do you want to die? : i could give the typical answer of while i'm asleep... but honestly i can't answer this, because i don't want to die!!
-- What do you want to be when you grow up? : who knows!
-- What country would you most like to visit?: All of them!! But specifically ireland, scotland, wales, and china (again).

...series six// opposite sex
-- best eye color?: blue or green
-- best hair color? : red
-- short or long hair?: short
-- best weight?: whatever looks good with their body type... not too skinny, but not fat.
-- best articles of clothing?: t-shirts and cords
-- best first date location with crush? : who knows i've never really gone on dates?!

...series seven// other
-- when's the last time you slept with a stuffed animal? : hmm, when I was in China... I needed something to keep me company.
-- how many rings until you answer the phone? : depends on how far i am from the phone...
-- what's on your mouse pad? : Quidditch!! It's the Harry Potter mouse pad that Travis picked up for me.
-- how many houses have you lived in?: well, my parents and i lived in 4 and i have lived in 2 of my own, plus 1 apartment with Trav and Mike, and now the house we own. So that is 8 total.
-- how many schools have you gone to? : Northwestern Lehigh, and Lehigh University
-- what color is your bedroom carpet? : an odd turquoise color
-- would you shave your head for $5000 dollars?: Yes! Well, after the wedding, yes.
-- if you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take three things with you what would you take?: a cell phone to call someone to get me out, a cooler full of food, and a book to entertain me until they got there!!!

...series eight//things you wear daily
-- deodorant : Dove
-- hair gel : none
-- shoes : black sandels, black sneaker like work shoes, or my blue sneakers
-- necklace : my moonstone necklace or my jade necklace, both my grandmother's
-- clippie things for hair: nope
-- socks : hardly ever in summer

...series nine//others
>*Nicknames: Meegs, Meg, Mama...
>* Height: about 5'2" or a little more...
>* Shoe Size: anywhere from a 7.5 to an 8.5 depending on the maker
>* Brothers/Sisters: older half sister - gwen, younger brother - Ethan, 16... soon to have a wonderful brother in law and sister in law as well
>* Who lives with you: Trav

>------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
>* Ever been so drunk you blacked out: unfortunately yes... twice. once freshman year, once sophomore year... but not since, and never again!!!
>* Been in a car accident: yes, 3 of them... only one when I was driving though, and I was hit.
>* Been hurt emotionally: everyone has...
>* Had a New Kids on the Block tape: yea... oh man. i even had the stupid barbie doll of Joe!!! man was that a bad time for little girls everywhere.
>* Been on stage: yes... for chorus, band, drama, and dance

>* Shampoo: pantene or suave
>* Scent: orange, spiced cranberry, campfires, travis :-)
>* Soap: Irish Spring.... with Aloe
>* Hairspray: Herbal Essence with Citrus, yummy
>* Day/Night: i definitely love the night time...
>* Summer/winter:this is a bad time to ask me this, since it is so miserable out. but anytime i'll tell you, i'm actually much more of a autumn fan. i like it because it's warm enough that you don't need coats, but cool enough that you aren't sweating your arse off (like I am now!). i like to ski and swim though, so i miss those in autumn....
>* Lace or satin: definitely satin... it feels awesome to sleep on satin sheet!
>* Fave salad: Caesar
>* Fave Movie: tons! 8mm, Fight Club, Red dragon, American History X, Shawshank Redemption, Labrynth... I could go on and on and on ....

-------------------RIGHT NOW------------------
>* Wearing: a Polo and my brown and blue plaid pants
>* Hair is: just brushed straight, parted down the middle... nothing special
>* I'm feeling: pretty good... almost time for Jimmy!
>* Eating: easy mac
>* Drinking: Water, it's damn hot.
>* Thinkin bout: how damn hot it is!
>* Listening to: people type.
>* Talking to: no one, we're all very busy people. :-)
>* Watching: the words appear on the screen

>-----------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
>* Cried: nope
>* Worn a skirt: yea, it was damn hot yesterday too...
>* Met someone new: nope
>* Cleaned your room: no
>* Drove a car: to the train station this morning.

>----------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
>* Who have you known the longest of your friends: hmm, i've know Heather since preschool... so that's 20 years now.
>* Who's the loudest: most of my friends are not what you would call quiet and shy! lol.
>* Who's the shyest: probably Megan, though she's not shy so much as modest
>* Who's the weirdest: don't know that any of my friends are really weird. well, at least not by MY standards!
>* Who do you go to for advice: i always talk to travis when i need any help, and Heather, Megan, or Rochelle.
>* Who do you cry with: depends on why i'm crying.... travis is usually the one i will cry to though
>*Who can make you laugh so hard milk can come out ur nose: Travis, Jon, Apoc... I have funny friends.

>-------------------Other Random Questions------------------
>* Parents' names: Maggie and Drew
>* How much do you love your job?: ehh, it's okay. great coworkers, good atmosphere, pretty laid back. not exactly what i want to be doing, but it will work for now.
>* Been to Africa? nope, can't say that i have.
>* Favorite day of the week: Saturdays. Normally pretty relaxing.
>* When was your last hospital visit? not for a few years, thank god.
>* How many times did you fail your drivers test? none
>* Have you ever been convicted of a crime? nope
>* What do you do most often when you are bored? get online, watch a movie, read...
>* Name the person that you are friends with that lives the farthest away: that would be Tucchi on St. Eustatius
>* Last person I went out to dinner with: Brian, Stacey, and Travis
>* Last movie you saw (in theature): hmm, I haven't been to the movies in a while. I think it might have been Harry Potter (the 4th).

Okay, that's all she wrote! Your turn.
I'm off to see Jimmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can you believe it is August?!

Is it just me, or is it absolutely insane that it is August already?! This month should be good, and should fly by... the first big event is tonight! I'm so excited for Jimmy Buffett!!! Not so excited for the fact that it is in an open arena, since high today (with humidity, etc.) is 110*... but we will load up on the sunscreen and have lots of water. It should be great.

This past weekend was also a good time. We met up with Brian & Stacey at their place around 9, hung out for a little, and were headed toward the shore by 10ish. We got down to Ocean City a little after 11, and relaxed for a bit before getting to sleep around 2. The next day we got up and hit up the WaWa for some breakfast before heading to the beach.

Thankfully they had an umbrella because man was it hot!! The sand was hot, the sun was hot... the only thing not hot, was the water!! Which was icy!! Go figure. We spent a good four hours down there... and by then were pretty worn out by the heat. Trav and I both got a little sunburn, but not too bad. Not like Cape Cod last year. I'll have some pictures, but you know me, haven't uploaded them yet. We hit up dinner that night, had some great seafood. Then it was back home for relaxing into the wee hours of the night.

Sunday none of us felt like braving the heat and the sun again... so while Trav stayed back to sleep and play with the dog...

Stacey, Brian, and I headed to this fun store (Cape May Wickers) that had all this random stuff. Wooden signs, wicker furniture, autumn and winter decorations, and shore nick-nacks. I got a few things for us, something for my mom, and something for Trav's mom. After heading back, we cooked some dogs on the grill, watched some TV and relaxed in their A/C, and then headed home around 6. It was a great weekend, and although we were exhausted when we got home, it was definitely worth it.
I think it made me look forward to the Cape even more!

So, since it is the first of a new month, lets update the countdown.

July: Done!!
Megan & Mike's wedding Done!
Ocean City with Brian & Stacey Done!

JIMMY BUFFET!!!!!!!!! Tonight!!!
2 weeks until my birthday!
2 weeks 3 days until we leave for Cape Cod for a week!! :-)
2 weeks 3 days until we mail our invites.

4 weeks 3 days until the girls and I take over VEGAS! Hot!
7 weeks 1 days until our RSVPs are due.
7 weeks 4 day until the first day of Autumn (9/23 this year).

10 weeks 3 days (aka 2.5 months or just 73 days!) until Travis and I finally make it legal!!!!! :-)

Well, time for me to get cracking. Wish us luck with the not dying in the heat thing for tonight. I'll try to take some pictures if it won't get me kicked out!! And if I can come out of it no more sunburned then when I went in, it will be a roaring success! :-)

P.S. Head over to Mom & Mama, and help them get 23 replies!! But stop at 23 people!! :-) They really are the sweetest ladies and I'm hoping that this is their month.