one last day to get through

Vacation time starts tonight! We are all packed and ready. Just have to load the car, head to pick up Willy, and away we will go. Not looking forward to spending the whole ride in the back seat, or having to listen to Willy-appropriate music, but am definitely happy that he will be joining us. He's a fun guy.

I wanted to leave you with a really fun entry, since i will be gone for a computerless week... and I don't want you to abandon me ;-) but I'm no Heather or William or Barry, so I can only do so much and hope for the best.

The Hill
They were walking along, when they came to a steep section of hill. It was covered in brambles, prickles, and generally not a great piece of land to find laying in your path. The walk had been great so far, and they wanted it to continue. There were two ways down the hill... to pick your way through, carefully, step-by-step to the bottom... or to run. The woman started down ever so slowly, carefully. The man, ran. Crashing through the brush, barely letting each footstep hit the ground, he catapulted himself practically over the mess and towards the bottom.

The woman flashed to Kerouac... The Dharma Bums. She smiled and knew that they had something, knew that she loved him. The man reached the bottom and saw the sheer edge with road below...

He jumped.

Not that my generation doesn't have fun... but boy did those kids live. Sometimes you can't pick your way through lifes obsticles, but run at them head on! Full force and just break through. My parents have such great stories.

She picked her way along the stairs and the steeply inclined "floors". It was difficult on this side, but quiet, empty save for the few morning walkers also eager to avoid the tourist crush. Most people didn't come to this side. Why would they, when they could still experience it over there and not have to work for it? But this was so much better. Keeping her own pace, able to look over both sides and see it all without jostling for room.

She stops for pictures. But they won't do justice... won't catch the breeze or the sun just starting to warm the air. How do you capture it? You don't, but she lives it fully in each moment so that she can memorize it. This is an endless part of her now.

She continues up the wall until she can see in all directions, and then slowly, reluctantly starts back down. They only have so much time. It seems even steeper when she's heading down. But she doesn't care. She climbed the Great Wall.

I guess, my stories aren't all that bad either.

See you in about 9 days. Don't forget me until then.


  1. I absolutely loved the line about not being able to capture the breeze or the sun warming the air.

  2. have fun! i'll miss your comments :)


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