a day in the life: august

A little late, but saw Susan's day and thought I would go for round two also. So without further ado:

(I'm going to do yesterday, since, as it is only 9:45, I haven't really had a day yet.)
I half wake up to Travis shutting the windows in our room and covering me with the sheet. It's actually cold in our room, the heat wave broken and the day not starting to warm up yet, and I love it. I relish the feeling of cold. I fall back asleep for the next 20 or so minutes until my alarm goes off, and fumble for the snooze button. I don't want to get up yet... don't want to start the day... but 7 minutes later the alarm goes off again, so up I get.
I stumble into the bathroom, pee, brush my teeth and hair, and hope into the shower. I decide to try out the sample of shampoo and conditioner I got in the mail, and wonder if (in fact) they will give my hair more body and shine. I'm not holding my breathe. I shower, I quickly shave at the end after deciding that I'm going to wear a skirt, and I towel off. Run the brush through my hair, put on some face lotion, and I'm pretty much ready. I wander off to the bedroom, grab my skirt and stare at my closet hoping a shirt will throw itself at me. One doesn't, so I grab the first thing I see which doesn't completely clash and isn't too heavy, and am done with it. I run the brush through my hair again, and head downstairs to grab breakfast, our wedding invitations (stuffed, sealed, stamped, and ready!), my bag... and I'm out the door.
I ride to the train station, drink my breakfast while I wait, and listen to the radio. An uneventful ride into the city follows... me reading my book, periodically touching the invitations sitting on the seat next to me, as if to comfort them that I'm here to protect them and their ride is almost over. We arrive in the city and I head to the post office. Invitations in the mail! I should feel relief and excitement, but instead I just hope that the post office doesn't lose them all. You know, every single invitation... dropped down behind a machine or something. I'll feel better when people start to get them. I head to work.
Miyano is out today, I remember as I arrive... so I head to my office, grab some papers, and return to the front desk. I hate sitting at the front desk. I turn on the computer, get settled in, and pray that the internet is back in operation. *audible sigh of relief when it is!* I check my email, plan out my day, and get to work. Around ten, Barbara and I prepare for the arrival of a foreign delegation for a meeting with the Pres. There will be seven of them, so we wash coffee cups, start coffee and water for tea, and carry all the necessary accompaniments into the meeting room. They arrive promptly at 10:30... all 11 of them. Shit.
Pop into the bathroom and notice my shirt in the mirror... makes me look nice and bloated. Maybe next time a more fitted shirt with my loose flowy skirt. Oh well, I'm hippie chic. Stop by my desk to grab some lunch. Intern that I graciously allowed to use my computer gives me a look and asks if he can help me. I resist the urge to strangle him and throw him out the window. Barely. Hear the interns laughing as I return to the front desk and wonder if they are laughing at me. I decide that I don't care and get back to work. The afternoon actually passes at a reasonable pace. I get a craving for Femi's Mega Fries (fries with bacon, cheese sauce, mozzarella, and ranch dressing) and email Travis about it. No reply... damn! At five, I pack up, return items to my desk and head out.
It's pretty nice outside. A little warm, but heavenly compared to before. The train is cool, and the ride home quiet. I get a call from Travis as we are pulling into my stop. He tells me he is just leaving work, but that I should call and order the fries and he will stop for them... Yay! I head home, order the food, and start making burgers. It is the next step in our plan to eat through our freezer before we head to the Cape for a week, so that we can defrost and clean the freezer on our return. Hamburger meat, check!
I'm cooking up the burgers when Travis gets home with the fries and burger buns. We chow down and decide that we should probably eat salad for dinner the next day. We talk about our day and about our upcoming plans... then watch some TV, and Travis does the dishes. We head upstairs and order the gifts for the groomsmen, and I bid on more leaves from eBay. Who would have thought that I would be paying for leaves? We head back down and relax in front of the tube again for a bit... tired, but happy. When our show ends at ten we head upstairs to get ready for bed. I must have been even more exhausted then I thought because I didn't even see 11:30!!

Now for today! Can't believe its Wednesday already... hope the week continues to fly! Also hope my bloated tummy feels better soon. Ugh.


  1. Ps. Someone told me they got their invitation!! I can't believe it, I only mailed them yesterday. Woohoo!

  2. That's good news that your invitations are on their way. Congratulations on you wedding! It's an exciting time.

    Thanks for sharing your (yester)day!

  3. Mmm, now I want some fries . . .


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