this is the weekend update

It's cooled down. I have newly trimmed hair. There is a football game on today! With the Eagles! I started putting together our invitations. It's going a lot faster then I thought. I saw the quads and the baby monster. All are well, all are still cute. Today is lazy, and I think we'll be hanging out with Ro & Pat. I made bisquits and sausage gravy for breakfast... I have enough calories in me now to not eat for the rest of the day. I'm a pretty happy girl.

Lesson for the day: You CAN hurt someone with macaroni noodles. And that someone would be me.

Pictures Here, Here, (well, once blogger decides to let me upload photos again!!) and below:

Anna with a butterfly.

Maddy with another.

Me with my mom's flowers.

My beautiful Mum.

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