can you believe it is August?!

Is it just me, or is it absolutely insane that it is August already?! This month should be good, and should fly by... the first big event is tonight! I'm so excited for Jimmy Buffett!!! Not so excited for the fact that it is in an open arena, since high today (with humidity, etc.) is 110*... but we will load up on the sunscreen and have lots of water. It should be great.

This past weekend was also a good time. We met up with Brian & Stacey at their place around 9, hung out for a little, and were headed toward the shore by 10ish. We got down to Ocean City a little after 11, and relaxed for a bit before getting to sleep around 2. The next day we got up and hit up the WaWa for some breakfast before heading to the beach.

Thankfully they had an umbrella because man was it hot!! The sand was hot, the sun was hot... the only thing not hot, was the water!! Which was icy!! Go figure. We spent a good four hours down there... and by then were pretty worn out by the heat. Trav and I both got a little sunburn, but not too bad. Not like Cape Cod last year. I'll have some pictures, but you know me, haven't uploaded them yet. We hit up dinner that night, had some great seafood. Then it was back home for relaxing into the wee hours of the night.

Sunday none of us felt like braving the heat and the sun again... so while Trav stayed back to sleep and play with the dog...

Stacey, Brian, and I headed to this fun store (Cape May Wickers) that had all this random stuff. Wooden signs, wicker furniture, autumn and winter decorations, and shore nick-nacks. I got a few things for us, something for my mom, and something for Trav's mom. After heading back, we cooked some dogs on the grill, watched some TV and relaxed in their A/C, and then headed home around 6. It was a great weekend, and although we were exhausted when we got home, it was definitely worth it.
I think it made me look forward to the Cape even more!

So, since it is the first of a new month, lets update the countdown.

July: Done!!
Megan & Mike's wedding Done!
Ocean City with Brian & Stacey Done!

JIMMY BUFFET!!!!!!!!! Tonight!!!
2 weeks until my birthday!
2 weeks 3 days until we leave for Cape Cod for a week!! :-)
2 weeks 3 days until we mail our invites.

4 weeks 3 days until the girls and I take over VEGAS! Hot!
7 weeks 1 days until our RSVPs are due.
7 weeks 4 day until the first day of Autumn (9/23 this year).

10 weeks 3 days (aka 2.5 months or just 73 days!) until Travis and I finally make it legal!!!!! :-)

Well, time for me to get cracking. Wish us luck with the not dying in the heat thing for tonight. I'll try to take some pictures if it won't get me kicked out!! And if I can come out of it no more sunburned then when I went in, it will be a roaring success! :-)

P.S. Head over to Mom & Mama, and help them get 23 replies!! But stop at 23 people!! :-) They really are the sweetest ladies and I'm hoping that this is their month.

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  1. it's not just you - i also can't believe it's august already! that means my summer vacation is almost done :(

    thanks so much for the link to our blog! you're awesome!!! :)


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