forward thinking

Is it wrong that I'm getting wistful, nostgalic, reflective for someone else's kids starting up school? If your answer is yes, then read what Susan wrote here and I think your ovaries will ache a little too. She makes me look forward to those first days of school for my children, and wistful for the ones in my past. She makes me feel like maybe two boys would be alright after all (although maybe she might wonder where I exactly in her blog I got that), and look forward to Travis and my "one day".

Maybe I'm just getting soppy because I have my internet back. Maybe its the getting older thing (okay, stop laughing). Maybe its the fact that I so desperately am counting down to our vacation next week, or the fact that our wedding is in less then 2 months! But whatever the reason... here I am being reflective.

Humor me here, its countdown time yet again.

JIMMY BUFFET!!!!!!!!! Done.
Mail our invites. Done!
My birthday! Done!
2 days until we leave for Cape Cod for over a week!! :-)

2 weeks 2 days until the girls and I take over VEGAS! Hot!
4 weeks 6 days until our RSVPs are due.
5 weeks 2 day until the first day of Autumn (9/23 this year).

8 weeks 2 days (aka less then 2 months or just 58 days!) until Travis and I finally make it legal!!!!! :-)

Time is flying.

Before I go (I mean a woman has to get her work done)... a huge Congratulations and Good Luck to my Hoser, who started Law School on Monday. I know she's going to kick some ass.

Okay, now I'm out.

My birthday card...


  1. Aw! I missed your Birthday!!! Happy Belated! 24, huh? That makes me a little jealous :)

    Have fun at the Cape!

  2. Thank you, Meegs! You are so kind.

    And yes, two boys is wonderful. And smelly. Don't forget smelly. But! Mostly wonderful.


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