crazy couple of days

It's been a crazy couple of days... no internet at all yesterday (which really stunk since I'm at the front desk all week too), mostly down on Friday... great weekend though. Saturday I was lazy in the morning, but it was just so gorgeous out that I couldn't stay inside. When Travis went to work, I headed to Ridley Creek State Park in Media. It is beautiful there... so peaceful and quiet, with woods, gardens, and horse stables and fields. I took pictures which I will upload soon... and spent a few hours hiking around and enjoying the outdoors. It was really nice.
Sunday was a day of complete laziness, which was really nice. Just laying around, watching some old X-files, talking to my mom, brother, and mother-in-law.

Yesterday, no internet... so it took me about an hour just to work through my emails when i got home. But we got five RSVPs! And I got a birthday present! From my beloved hoser!! Homemade cookies... she is the best.

Then there is today!

Twenty four years ago, today, I came kicking and screaming into this world. Its been pretty damn good so far... :-)

Pictures to come. But had to give you something.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    (technically I'm not late b/c I haven't yet gone to sleep). ;)


  2. happy belated bday! (sorry i'm so behind!)


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