Last night was amazing. It was all I could have hoped for from a Jimmy Buffett show... from the crazy drunk people during tailgates beforehand, to the amazing playlist (included below), to the high I felt afterward (and the fact that we actually got out pretty damn quickly!)!

I left work as normal and hoped on PATCo... which dropped me about 5 blocks from the Tweeter Center. It wasn't a bad walk, but it was damn hot... so I was sweating already by the time I got there. I quickly found the boys, who had gotten great spots in the closest lot. They had a little grill set up and were grilling dogs and burgers, and were well on their way to drunk! :-)

They also happened to be parked next to a group who had arrived in a truck... a truck who's bed they had lined with a huge tarp and filled with water! Their own little swimming pool. Normally I would have stayed away from their shadiness, but dear god, did I mention it was HOT?!

We headed into Tweeter around 7:30ish... and found some seats near the back of the lawn, by the chainlink fence. This was a purposeful move as it was the only place where we would get a good view and a nice breeze! We could have pushed up to the front, but it was so not worth it, as even at the front of the lawn you are behind all the actual seats, and then you can't see the big screen. So we chose the former, and I was so glad we did as it was hot enough anyway. Everyone was covered in sweat, but it was so worth it.

Here's what was played:

1. Coastal Confessions
2. Brown Eyed Girl
3. I Will Play for Gumbo
4. Pencil Thin Mustache
5. It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere (w/Mac)
6. Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit
7. Floridays
8. Come Monday (The Beach Band)
9. Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes
10. Cheeseburger in Paradise
11. Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw (dedicated to Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson)
12. Party at the End of the World (from his new album coming out in October)
13. One Particular Harbour


14. Knees of My Heart
15. Window on the World
16. Son of a Son of a Sailor
17. The Peanut-Butter Conspiracy
18. Werewolves of London
19. A Pirate Looks at Forty
20. Desperation Samba (Halloween in Tijuana)
21. Dixie Chicken (Little Feat Cover)
22. Volcano
23. Margaritaville


24. Fins
25. USS Zydecoldsmobile
26. Scarlet Begonias (in honor of Jerry Garcia's birthday)

During "Fins"

It was a great concert. The songs were all great, the audience was very into it, and even during the intermission, they didn't leave you hanging. They played a clip from the Live at Wrigley Field DVD that came out yesterday, of Jimmy playing "City of New Orleans" in tribute to the city that could be bent, but not broken!! It was such a great rendition, and it was so nice to hear so much of the audience singing along to it... even though Jimmy wasn't on the stage at the time.

It was just such a great time... all I had expected.
My only disappointment was not getting a tour shirt... though I will see what I can do about that. If you live in Boston, New York, Detroit, Chicago or Indianapolis, shows are coming your way. Let a girl know if you can hook her up. :-)

Okay, back to work. I'm very tired today, so I don't know if I'll be able to work at my normal speed, but I will do my best!

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