hit the ground running...

I'm back!! Did you miss me?
Last week was great. Fishing, relaxing at the beach, Boston for an evening, a trip to Nantuckett, a lobster dinner... just to name a few items of fun. It was a great week. Very relaxing... and definitely helped me get my get-up-and-go back. I ate too much junk, but we spent lots of time outside and walking around. Plus, its vacation... none of those calories count. ;-)
A few pictures (from Andy's camera because of course I haven't downloaded mine yet).

We headed to Cheers after picking Andy and Megan up from the airport (after which we walked around the Gardens and Common for a little).

The food wasn't really anything special (it was fine, but not great)... but it was fun to say we did it!

Andy and Megan on the ferry to Nantuckett.

Fishing off the dock (Andy in the water).

This week is going to be crazy. I have so much work to catch up on. And our evenings are pretty busy too. Last night we picked up my ring from Kay... newly resized. Tonight we are having a belated birthday dinner with Miyano, Hiro, Yu-yu, and Joe. Should be fun. Then tomorrow night Trav works and I need to unpack my suitcase from last week and pack for this weekend (VEGAS!)... which should be interesting since I need to check my lugage for once... which sucks. No shampoo (it explodes), but I am going to pack some hairspray and maybe lotion in plastic bags in a toiletry case. Hope for the best. Thursday Travis is home and we will probably just be relaxing and enjoying each others company before I leave. Then Friday I catch my plane with Ro... and off to Vegas we go!! Woot!

Okay, well I have to get back to work. I have so so much to get done this week, and not enough time to do it!

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