so tired!

Wow, sleep is so difficult when it is this hot out. Last night I was still awake at 3am... tossing and turning and sweating and in the end literally groaning at the fact that I was so tired, but so unable to sleep. Travis woke up to pee, and once he figured out what was wrong, went and got me a wash cloth soaked in cold water. I was laying there in the oppressively hot darkness, when I heard him walk up and felt the most wonderful coolness against my forehead. At that moment I couldn't have imagined anything feeling better. After giving my shoulders and chest and face a sweep... and putting the cloth back on my head... I was asleep withing 15 minutes. I woke up this morning snuggling my wash cloth, which was still a bit cold! Loves it.

Loves my boy too. :-)

Speaking of all that lovey dovey stuff. A big Congratulations to my Uncle Jim who just got engaged to his girlfriend (now Fiancee) Christina! Happy wishes to you both... can't wait for the wedding!!!

Okay, almost done... time to finish up strong. Still riding high on all the Jimmy waves. Yay!
Enjoy this while you miss me! Ta!

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