this time of year...

It's so hard to get comfortable this time of year. It's sweltering out, with tons of humidity... you're hot and cranky and miserable. In office, you're cold and you know its better then outside, but its still not comfortable. Tell me why they have to keep it at about 12* in here...

Sorry I'm complaining a lot. I know I am... and honestly, in general (minus the weather), I'm really pretty happy right now.

I just can't wait for autumn. I want to throw my windows open and get the beautiful, comfortable, 70-something degree air. I'm ready for changing leaves and cardigans and tights.

This weekend will be glorious relief though. Low 80s, no plans (well except for a hair appt, but that's no biggie), getting the last of our invite envelopes from my mom. Travis has off.

2 weeks until the Cape. Less then that until my birthday. 4 until Vegas. There is so much to be happy about and grateful for.

Travis and I had a great night last night. Very low-key. We watched Secretary, which was Maggie Gyllenhaal's breakout role. It is definitely an interesting movie! To say the least! As you first get into the movie, you don't know where exactly it is going... but in the end it turns into almost a love story of sorts. It was good, we both liked it.

Tonight he works, but I'm just going to relax and get a few odds and ends done. God I love Friday.

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  1. Love Secretary! I think it is such a great love story! Two people who are both crazy as hell come to find that their respective mental illnesses are compatible! Isn't that what really happens, after all?


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