This week has been busy. Run around, pull your hair out, "it's five o'clock already? but i'm not DONE yet!" kind of busy. At first it seemed nice that my boss was out for the week... it would be so quiet and relaxing. Not quite as cute when I notice the note he left me with a list of things I could do in his absense. When I read the part that said "I hope this is enough to keep you busy." I kind of wanted to beat him. But when I got done with another item on the list yesterday and realized that I happily could have stretched this list to last me a month...
*trying to restrain self from pulling out all hair*

But I will have it done. And we can spend our friday contently "review[ing] where we are... and discuss[ing] what we have to do [next]", and I will be polite and happy, and just hold my breath until the end of the day. Because you know what the end of tomorrow means?

"I'm leavin on a jet plane..."

Vegas, here I come. High of 103* for today tomorrow and Saturday, 100* on Sunday, and 99* on Monday when we fly home. It's my first time there ever, so I'm very excited to be spending it with some great fun girls. I will miss my boy though, very very much!

I love you Trav!

Okay, well back to crazy. I have flyers to produce, emails to update, letters to write.

And grapes to eat. Boy are these good. Mmm....


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