M&M (&B)

Real post tomorrow, all about the wonder that was the Cape, but tired now and need to bed... just have to say, aren't these two so cute?! Won't they be adorable when they have their own baby? For those of you who know them... I'm betting 3 years tops, more likely 2. Anyone else care to guess? :-)


feisty as ever

Work as always today (except for the hours, 8-4 instead of 9-5), but come 4 o'clock I am so outta here... and we are headed to Cape Cod. HOPEFULLY we will not hit too much traffic, as it is a long enough drive, and hopefully if we do hit traffic, it won't put Travis into too bad of a mood; but really either way, what does it matter, because tomorrow we will wake up ON VACATION! I honestly don't know if there is anything better. Today just can't go fast enough.

On top of the vacation stuff, it will be great to see Trav's Mom and Dad:

(Pictured here @ Christmas-time.)

They are a blast. Ahh the stories... like when John got bite by the dog and had to grow a mustache... or Barb dressing up on Halloween... let's just say that these are fun people.
But really, who am I kidding, I'm looking forward to the clam chowder. (Baxter's here I come!!)

I'm looking forward to lots of fun Cape Cod activities... the aforementioned clam chowder, probably a fresh lobster night, heading to P-town, swimming, boating, the penny candy store, fishing (I'm noticing I sound like a little boy from the '50s... golly gee ma), maybe some mini-golf, and lots and lots of relaxing! Heavenly, the relaxing. It will be nice for my body to get a break I think. We have played tennis 3 nights in a row now, and by "play tennis", I mean watch me attempt to set records on how many ball I can hit over the fence surrounding the courts... that's right over. Haven't quite got that aim or directionality thing down yet. But anyway, because of the flamboyant tennis, my body hasn't been able to completely rest itself, and I'm still a little sore from last wednesday/thursday. I look forward to the resting.
And next week it will be August! Only 2 weeks to my birthday then. :-) Plus we get to watch our friend Megan's dog Bandit from Wednesday to Saturday of next week. He's such a sweety, so it should be a fun time.
Okay, more work to do.
Until next week!!


a la last week

Some pictures I thought I would share:
The view out of our hotel window (at the Hyatt, where I babysat)... the black ship (closer to top) is the one Jen got married on.

Here are the two cuties! Sarah paging thru the room service menu, and Brenna paging thru her own book. Aren't they the cutest?!

Relaxing together on the bed. Brenna was such a good sitter, when you put her in the "pillow corner".

This weekend has been great so far. This morning I woke up around 8 to dash out of the house and up to my parent's. My mum's b-day was last weekend (Happy Birthday Mamacita!!!!), so I delievered her present. Then my dad and I ran of to the notary to transfer the title of my car from his name to mine. When I originally bought it from a friend, we put it in his name to save some money on car insurence... but just never go around to changing it over after I graduated. Apparently this is actually semi-not legal for my insurence company. (Opps.) But they told me not to worry about it, but just take care of it. So we finally did.

$62 later, I "own" the car I've owned for the last 2+ years.

Afterwards I dashed off to see Laura and the kids. I finally got to meet the adorable Samuel!! He's so sweet. Laura isn't able to drive yet, and the poor girl just wanted to get out of the house for a bit and do some grocery shopping. So her and Rick took the baby and I watched the kids. They brought back lunch for us all, and we got to eat together, and I fed the baby. I left around 2 so that everyone except Rick could nap. He apparently had some crab grass calling his name, and a new Grateful Dead video as well. Lol, Happy Birthday Rick!!!

Then I was homeward bound to see my beau, who had a very lazy day. He was in bed when I called to let him know I was on the way home... at 2:30!! But he made up for that by giving me my first tennis lesson (with my brand stinkin new racket), which I actually really enjoyed. Playing that a few times a week will certainly burn a few calories. No wonder all those tennis ladies are so toned! It's hard work. Obviously I am no Venus or Marie or Stephi as of yet, but I didn't do too horribly either. Apparently my biggest problem currently is looking "too flamboyant" caused by having "too loose a wrist *insert wiggly wrist gesture here*". Thanks hun, that means a lot. I will work on being less flamboyant... but at this point, I think its a lost cause.
We will most likely play again tomorrow.

Here are some pictures from this weekend:

Here is Sam and mom looking so sweet together.
She is cooing at him, and he is just mesmorized by her.

You almost forget how tiny newborns are!

So far, a great weekend. And tomorrow I get to sleep in which will be lovely!
Okay, time for some sleep... but here is a picture to send you off:
Say hello to my awesome new sandels
(a la South St., last week on the way home from the hotel)...
and, of course, my lovely feet.


something like a drunk asian - aka - everybody has a water buffalo, mine is fast, but yours is slow, yes everybody has a water buffalo, a-ooooo

First we must point out that, as every good workout does, this particular evening started with me pulling on some lovely Lehigh University dance style exercise pants. Low, the mirrors that surrounded me pointed out my error, in that this particular outfit made my backside look not just like a butt, but like a whole AssWorld (hey, sounds like a nudie bar!)! I could practically see the little people dancing around on my backside, rejoicing at the bountiful amounts of land the good lord hath blessed them with. Rejoice little Asslandians!
Moving on.

So Barry, I have determined that it is impossible for a girl of my physical abilities to get into that position either, without sounding like an injured cat... at least after the 10th time they made us do it.
Putting that aside. While I didn't look quite as graceful as the women in the picture, I did manage to do all of the moves, and not look like a water buffalo in the process. Score one for Me.
It did not help however, that prior to the Pilates class, much more in shape Rochelle and I ran laps, used the elliptical for a half hour (okay, I only did 20minutes), and used the nautilus machines for inner thighs, outer thighs, hamstrings, and quads. Yea. I should have known that the evening would be awesome, when by the time I hopped off the elliptical, I had the face of a drunk asian. (No offense intended to anyone who is either currently drunk or asian, I have many asian friends, and many many drunk friends... not a diss in the slightest.) That aside, my face looked like a damn tomato (thanks for the great genes dad), and I was post-shower wet, minus the shower. This is of course, pre-Pilates.

The class went surprisingly well, besides the fact that by the end, everytime she said "lift your leg off the ground," said leg would vibrate as if I were laying on one of those cheese motel beds where you pop in a quarter. In celebration of the success of finishing the class, I proceeded to eat a donut. Welcome back calories, I missed you.

Today is already a success in that Travis did not have to roll me out of bed. Although I think I might save us some money next time, and just have someone punch me in the stomach and thighs, producing the same day after feelings.

TGIF y'all!


otherwise unscathed.

So I'm slightly sore, but otherwise unscathed, after my first car accident last night (well, first while I was driving... I was in two as a kid, one with either parent). I think I'm more annoyed then anything, as it wasn't my fault, and until now I had a flawless driving record. No moving violations, no accidents, no speeding tickets, not even a warning. A few parking tickets was the worst thing... I'd only ever been pulled over once, and that was when I was the passenger in the car! Plus, I was only about 0.3 miles from home. It's only a mile drive from the train station, and I was almost there when I had to stop behind a guy in a mini-van that was making a left turn.

I stopped.
The women behind me didn't.
She hit me, pushing me into the van.
The van that was carrying A BABY.

Thank you god, my heart was beating much too normally up until now.

Luckily I was far enough away that the front end of my car and the van weren't even hurt, hardly even a scratch on either. And even the damage to the back of my car isn't that bad. My rear bumper was pushed in some, and so the sides of it bulge out, and the trunk won't quite close all the way, although it is still latched... so you can't just pull it open. The lady that hit me however, wasn't so lucky, and her car is pretty smashed up. Front hood bent, both lights (literally) on the street, windsheild shattered, airbag deployed, and a car horn that no longer stops. Such a pain in the ass. Luckily there were witnesses, and they could vouche that it wasn't my fault.

Not exactly how I pictured my first three-some, but c'est la vie.

I will admit that I cried though. I mean, I really am fine, and I wasn't even scared to hop back in the car to drive... but it was very unnerving. So Trav and I put off tennis for the night.

Tonight however, I will be stretching myself back out and loosenning up a bit by hitting a Pilates class with Ro. I'm very excited to try it out for the first time, and I hope that it turns out to be as fun as I'm thinking it will be.

Maybe I will be lucky and get to look this cool:

But most likely I will end up looking about as gracefully as a water buffalo, and afterwards walk around as if I had in fact, been riding a water buffalo.

Details will surely follow.


wishing wells and temple bells, tornados and some jooce

I just love this picture... tornados are thrilling, no?

So I am being lazy, and will tell about my weekend... but most of the description comes from mary and jen's sister Megan (mother of one of the girls I watched). She did it so well, why mess with perfection? And her and Barry, are in some strange way, a little bit of perfection. :-)

So Saturday Trav and I walked the mile to the train station with our stuff for the night safely stuffed into a backpack, and hoped the train into center city. Once we got into the city, we decided to walk to the hotel, by way of Chinatown. It was great. We stopped in some shops, and visited an Asian Market where I picked up some yummy soft sesame candy (which I am about to eat the last of). It was very nice just to spend the time together, and spend it enjoying Philadelphia (instead of just working in Philadelphia, which I do daily). After that it was on to the hotel... about a 1.5 or so mile walk, and boy was it hot. Lol. As for the drama of Saturday night, well I will let Megan "tell" you about that. First have to mention that Sarah and Brenna are two of the sweetest girls ever, and I had such a good time taking care of them. (I love how Sarah calls everything liquid, "juice".) Plus I loved seeing Travis look at them with such amazement... he kept going, "they are just so sweet". It was adorable.

Okay, Saturday night: "The ceremony itself — on the upper deck of this cool boat with masts — was delayed due to rain because the boat staff kept thinking it would stop. Well, it didn't, so the wedding party just walked out in the wind and drizzle and stood on a deck looking down at all the guests. It was awesome. It would not have been half as cool with the sun shining, and I bet the pictures will be great!
Well, after the ceremony Barry and the babysitter
(that's me) walked Sarah and Brenna back to the hotel only to find Sarah's backpack locked in my parents' room. The latch had caught from the inside, so the babysitter's boyfriend had to call the front desk to get the door open. It turns out doors just don't lock themselves — their was some dude in my parents' room — going through their stuff, trashing everything and eat ing my mom's pills. My dad had to miss most of the reception, but he said going to the police station in the squad car was fun because the officer ran all the red lights.
My favorite moment of the weekend was during the ceremony. We stood so close to Jen and Kim as they said their vows that we got to see so clearly the love and emotion between them — how they held on to eachother and made eachother laugh. I have known Jen for 28 years now, and it is so wonderful to see her marry someone so perfect for her. The minister-lady even told the story of how Jen and Kim met at "speed dating." They didn't have a "speed date;" instead they sat next to each other as the other daters sped through. They had such a wonderful time talking in between dates that they decided to get together later. Isn't that way too cute?!

So interesting times indeed... they arrested the dude that was in the room, and we just kept the girls in our hotel room for most of the night before putting them down in their respective parents rooms. They had a baby monitor with them, so Brenna was in her mommy and daddy's room, and we stayed in the room with Sarah... with the monitor listening to Brenna.

The next morning we had a nice breakfast before heading out. We walked down to South Street (at 4th), and then walked up South to 11th, then over to the train station. It was probaby almost 2 miles, so we got our workout again... routinely stopping in stores to get some A/C. It was hot!! Plus we had another mile to walk when we got off the train. But it was all worth it, and a great time. Definitely nice to spend the weekend in Philly.

On another note: I am already looking forward to Autumn (specifically October). Autumn is my favorite season, and it includes some of my favorite times of year: Halloween and Trav & my anniversary... October 13th will be 5 years for us. :-) This year it is my turn to plan the celebrations... and I started poking around on the internet to figure stuff out. He doesn't usually read this, so I will chance writing a non-specific version of my idea. First off it had to be something inexpensive, the whole saving for a wedding thing, and a i have to work that weekend, we were hoping for something that we could do the night of or the next night (Friday). So I found this great place in Media (only about 15 - 20minutes from our place), that does seasonal activities. I figure I will get us dinner in the city, and bring it home with me... he can probably grab me from the train... we can eat and relax, then head over to this place for a little autumn fun. It's real cutsy and involves pumpkins and cider, and I think it will be a great time, because it is super relaxing and we can do it together. Plus is is very inexpensive!

Thought for the day: my boobs have been very tender lately... could they be growing?! not that I care, but please dear heavenly father, let them be growing. that's all.

Okay, back to work!

Got some picture's from Ro's wedding off of her picture page... here is a pretty one of her relaxing before the wedding. Posted by Picasa

trav and I with a "practice walk" down the isle Posted by Picasa

all the bridesmaids showing off their shoes Posted by Picasa

Phil and I at the reception.  Posted by Picasa


picture montage

It was a great weekend, and I definitely didn't want it to end... but I really don't feel like writing about it at the moment, so I will do that later. For now, some photos...

This are pretty much all older, but I think they are some of my better shots. They are all © me.

Those were all from Philadelphia, in or around Rittenhouse Square Park. Here is one from Arizona:

And some from China:

(Sorry the ones from China are so small... can't quite figure that one out... but you can see any of these at my Photo page).

Zai jian!



Random side note (yes, a side note before I actually begin my entry): I have decided that when Trav and I have a baby, it needs to be a spring baby, so that I can be "really pregnant" during the winter... because if I am "really pregnant" during the summer, I would die. I would spontaneously combust, and expire. I think that may happen just about any day not anyway, so watch for it. You'll see it on the news

I'm so very happy that it's friday... this body needs to sleep in tomorrow! Last night was a great time, but tiring. Got home from work around 5:50 like normal, my hobags (Lauren and Hannah) showed up with Megan around 6... and stayed until about 8:30 or so. Hannah taught us hip-hop dance, Manduke made us a mushy dinner, and we had a great time just joking around and talking. After they left, we just relaxed until we got a call from Trav's dad, then went to pick him up from the airport. We got him around 9:40, brought him back to our place to see it for the first time, then took him to meet Barb and the kids (trav's neice and two nephews, their grandkids) at his Aunt Pat's. I can't believe how big the kids are getting. Then we headed home to get some sleep... past our bedtime, already, at 11:30ish.

I'm very excited for this weekend, and for the fact that my birthday is in a month, and that a week from next tuesday we will be up in the Cape. Yay! I'm already starting my Cape Cod to do list. First off, we must must must hit up Baxter's, for thee best clam chowder EVER (notice the capital letter's for emphasis). Have to pick up some taffy for the office from the 'penny candy store'... and some penny candies for myself. Of course there will be swimming in the lake, riding on the boat, playing/fishing with the kids, and spending time with Travis' parents. Hopefully we can spend a night in Hyanis as well, have a fresh lobster dinner night, and maybe hit up P-town or Martha's Vineyard one of those days. I adore the Cape.

Okay, have to really get to work now... hopefully this day will go quickly.


happier thoughts...

I am completely surrounded by weddings lately. Which isn't a probably (except for reminding me about having to pay for our own), because I love love, and I love weddings, and I love loving weddings. :-)

June there was Ro and Pat's (obviously), then this weekend our friend Mary's sister Jen is getting married. I am babysitting for Mary's baby, Brenna (the cute one that I had the picture of before sitting on the bed) and Brenna's cousin, Sarah. And Jen is putting me up in the hotel for the night for doing so. I am very excited, I love taking care of babies, plus afterwards, staying at the hotel, its like a mini-vacation. Very nice.

Also, my friend Dave got married on the same day as Pat and Rochelle, to a lovely women named Rose...

I didn't get to attend their wedding, due to the fact that I was in Ro and Pat's, but they sent me these great pictures: This is one from their honeymoon in Jamaica!!
So cute, right?!

Anyway, I figured that everyone deserved some more upbeat reading material after that last post. I do think I really am just as manic depressive as my father. Up down up down up down up down, it's kind of a roller coaster... but you learn to live with such things. The funny thing is, days that normally depress people, actually make me happy. Yea, I love clear sunny skies, but I feel great when it is gray and over cast, and my favorite season is autumn, which is when everything dies. Does that make me weird or perverse?

Today I actually have a reason for being really upbeat though, besides just the weddings... Lauren and Hannah, my two hobags, are coming to see me today! And Miss Duke of Man herself, is making Trav and I dinner. :-) Very exciting. I love my hobags and can't wait to see them.
Well, I have to get going... work time, but everyone say hi okay?!

And of course... Congrates Jen!!!!!!!!


monday, @&%(*, monday

I don't know why I read the paper in the morning, most of the time it just depresses me. This world can be so cold and cruel... bombings, people gunning people down, poverty, disease, hopelessness. It's apparently a little too much for me to deal with on a monday morning. For every good act, there is a bad, we gain no ground. In fact, since most acts of kindness effect relatively few people (at a time), and a lot of bad acts hurt an exponentially greater amount, one might say we are losing ground. Sometime it really does seem that mankind is just a disease, bent on destroying its host, and at the same time, itself.
I know, happy times here.

The funny thing is, I had a great weekend. Awesome visits from Mike and Megan on Friday, my parents and bro on Saturday, and a nice lazy day at home Sunday. But last night, as I lay trying to fall asleep, I realized that my personal life offers no repreive from the horrors that I read about daily.
When it comes to my job, and finances, and future prospects, I feel stuck. I'm going to be 23 in a month (from friday), I should not be feeling like this. I have a wonderful fiance, whom, along with my family and friends, is the best thing in my life. We own a house together, and get to look forward to getting married next year, and starting a new life together. I should be happy that I have a job, and that my coworkers are wonderful fun people.
But instead I just feel stuck.

It's so easy to look back and count all the things that I "did wrong". I wish I had paid more attention to my classes, perhaps picking a more suitable major, instead of goofing off and being more worried about missing out on the next great party. I wish I had gone to grad school, or law school, persuing some sort of advanced degree... putting myself in a better position when I went to get a job. And now, I don't want a job, I want a career... I want to know that I can grow and change and be promoted from where I am, as I grow. That is not the case.
I wish I could be somewhere that I feel my intellect gets challenged (in a good way), as opposed to feel like I am sleep walking through days. I wish I could be pulling in a salary that would allow me, for once, to not be worried about money. I don't need to be rich, just enough that I could actually afford to put something in savings when the mortgage and bills are done being paid. I wish I didn't have to worry about how the hell we are going to pay for this wedding.

But as they say, if you wish in one hand and shit in the other...


a voice from london...

Thought I would pass on some words from London. A workmate of mine until just last friday, Tim, returned to London (his home) over the weekend. Of course we were all quite concerned when the events occurred this morning, but he is just fine, and I think he offers some interesting insights into what Londoners are thinking about this.


"Just to let all at FPRI know that I am well. I was quite close to the events, however, as I was at the US embassy sorting out a new visa at 8.30 when the explosions went off. I am safely back at home now, although a 45 min journey home took about 5 hours and a great deal of walking! Unfortunately a day of work was lost at my end - I'll try and make it up this weekend.
It appears Al Qaeda was behind it, but we're still waiting for confirmation. I think the British people, especially Londoners, will show a great deal of resolve. As I wandered through central London people, although dazed and confused, were carrying on quietly and stoically. They will be back at work tomorrow, I'm sure.
I noticed that Chirac and Bush flanked Blair when he made a statement this morning. The heat will no doubt be taken out of the G8 summit, although hopefully not at the expense of light. Europe may look to Blair still further. The Weaver vision may yet be realized... "


It's so unfortunate that this had to happen in just enough time to distract from the G8, and distract those participating in the G8... although I'm sure the that timing was picked for the very reason that it would be a distraction and a heartbreak and have as big an influence as possible.
There have been way too many terrorist acts in the pass 3 years... it's such a helpless feeling, and all I can keep thinking is can we stop these people? Why can't we catch them? 9/11, Madrid, now London. Where will be next?


37 confirmed dead in London blasts
At least 700 hurt, 45 seriously; Blair blames Islamic terrorists

LONDON - Four blasts rocked the London subway and tore open a packed double-decker bus during the morning rush hour Thursday, sending bloodied victims fleeing in the worst attack on London since World War II.

Thirty-seven people were confirmed killed, and more than 700 were wounded in the terror attacks, which a shaken Prime Minister Tony Blair called “barbaric” and blamed on Islamic militants.

“We know that these people act in the name of Islam, but we also know that the vast and overwhelming majority of Muslims both here and abroad are decent and law abiding people who abhor this kind of terrorism every bit as much as we do,” Blair said.

Witnesses described horrific scenes. “It was chaos,” said Gary Lewis, who was evacuated from a subway train at King’s Cross station. “The one haunting image was someone whose face was totally black and pouring with blood.”

The blasts coincided with the Group of Eight summit in Scotland and came a day after London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics.

A group calling itself The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe claimed responsibility but officials could not verify the claim and no arrests have been made.

Blair did not provide specifics about who was responsible, but British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said the bombings have the “hallmarks of an al-Qaida-related attack.”

'Remain vigilant'
The four explosions went off within an hour, beginning at 8:51 a.m. local time, and hit three subway stations and the double-decker bus. Authorities immediately shut down the subway and bus lines that log 8.4 million passenger trips every weekday.

The bus explosion seemed to go off at the back, said bystander Raj Mattoo. “The roof flew off and went up about 10 meters (30 feet). It then floated back down,” he said. “There were obviously people badly injured. A parking attendant said he thought a piece of human flesh had landed on his arm.”

As the city’s transportation system ground to a near-halt, buses were used as ambulances and an emergency medical station was set up at a hotel. Rescue workers, police and ordinary citizens streamed into the streets to help.

Doctors from the nearby British Medical Association rushed into the street to treat the wounded from the bus. “The front of BMA house was completely splattered with blood and not much of the bus was left,” said Dr. Laurence Buckman.

Some central London streets emptied of traffic. Groups of commuters who had been on their way to work gathered around corner shops with televisions, watching in silence. The mood was somber and subdued.

"The public need to remain vigilant," Andy Trotter of the Transport Police said. "This is an incredibly challenging time for London. We don't know if this is over yet."

At the request of Queen Elizabeth II, the Union Jack flag flying over Buckingham Palace was lowered to half staff.

'We shall prevail'
Blair, flanked by fellow G-8 leaders, including President Bush, read a statement from the leaders. “We shall prevail and they shall not,” he said.

“Whatever they do, it is our determination that they will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear in this country and in other civilized nations throughout the world,” he said earlier.

He departed by helicopter back to London. The world leaders continued meeting but their agenda got sidetracked and they decided to delay declarations on climate change and the global economy.

Bush warned Americans to be “extra vigilant,” and his administration raised the terror alert for mass transit a notch to code orange. Security also was stepped up in the U.S. Capitol and in train and bus stations around the country.

Much of Europe also went on alert. Italy’s airports raised alert levels to a maximum. The Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, the Netherlands, France and Spain also announced beefed-up security at shopping centers, airports, railways and subways.

Claim of responsibility
A group calling itself “The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe” posted a claim of responsibility, saying the blasts were in retaliation for Britain’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The statement also threatened attacks in Italy and Denmark, both of which have troops in Iraq. It was published on a Web site popular with Islamic militants, and the text was republished on Elaph, a secular Arabic-language news Web site, and Berlin’s Der Spiegel magazine.

The authenticity of the statement could not be immediately confirmed, but terrorism experts said the coordinated explosions had the trademarks of the al-Qaida network.

“This is clearly an al-Qaida style attack. It was well-coordinated, it was timed for a political event and it was a multiple attack on a transportation system at rush hour,” said Lawrence Freedman, professor of war studies at King’s College in London.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick said there had been no arrests, and it was unclear whether suicide bombers were involved.

Asked about the claim of responsibility, Paddick said: “We will be looking at that ... at the moment we don’t know if that’s a legitimate claim or not.” He added British officials had received no prior warning nor did they have any advance intelligence that the attacks would occur.

The attacks recalled the 2004 train bombings in Madrid that killed 191 and were blamed on al-Qaida.

The Islamic Human Rights Commission warned London Muslims to stay at home to avoid any violence aimed at them.

Casualty numbers
Three U.S. law enforcement officials said at least 40 people were killed. They spoke on condition of anonymity and said they learned of the number from their British counterparts.

In London, Paddick said at least 33 people killed in the subway system alone. He confirmed other deaths on the bus but gave no figures. The death toll was later raised to 37.

Buckman, the London doctor, said ambulance staff told him about 10 people died in the bus blast. BMA doctors treated about nine seriously wounded people in the building's courtyard, two of whom later died, he said.

Police put the number of wounded at more than 700, nearly double early reports. Among them, at least 45 were in serious or critical condition, including amputations, fractures and burns, said Russell Smith of London Ambulance Service.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone said the blasts were “mass murder” carried out by terrorists bent on “indiscriminate ... slaughter.”

“This was not a terrorist attack against the mighty or the powerful ... it was aimed at ordinary working-class Londoners,” said Livingstone, in Singapore where he supported London’s Olympic bid. Giselle Davies, an International Olympic Committee spokeswoman, said the committee still had “full confidence” in London.

Timeline of attacks
Deputy Assistant Police Commissioner Brian Paddick said the first explosion, at 8:51 a.m. local time, hit a London Underground train that was 100 yards into a tunnel outside Moorgate station in the financial district in east London. Seven people died there, he said.

The second blast, at 8:56 a.m., was in the King's Cross station area of north London, and killed 21, Paddick said.

The third explosion, at 9:17 a.m., was near the Edgware station and killed seven people.

The bus explosion occurred at 9:47 a.m. At least two people were killed there.

Jay Kumar, a business owner near the site of the bus blast at Tavistock Square in central London, said he ran out of his shop when he heard a loud explosion. He said the bus’s top deck collapsed, sending people tumbling to the floor.

Many appeared badly injured, and bloodied people ran from the scene. “People were running this way panicked," he said. "They knew it was a bomb. Debris flying all over, mostly glass.”

Office worker Kibir Chibber said at one subway station that “I saw lots of people coming out covered in blood and soot. Black smoke was coming from the station. I saw several people laid out on sheets.”

Simon Corvett, on an eastbound train from Edgware Road station, described “this massive huge bang ... It was absolutely deafening and all the windows shattered.”

“You could see the carriage opposite was completely gutted,” he said. “There were some people in real trouble.”

Evening commute a mess
British Home Secretary Charles Clarke said efforts would be made to resume underground and bus operations as soon as possible but gave no indication of when that might be.

“People are strongly advised not to travel into central London as the emergency services must be allowed to do their work in the most effective way they can,” he said.

Most of the transit system still had not restarted by the evening rush hour, forcing tens of thousands to find alternative ways home.

Thomas Carr, a 63-year-old electrician who faced a two-hour walk home, said he would keep using the underground.

"It won't put me off using the Tube," he said. "You can't let them beat you."

not again...

My heart goes out to London.
I can't believe that this is the
world that I want to bring
children into. What a shame,
what a shame.

On another note... I just ordered and should receive today, three of those "gel" bracelets (a la Lance Armstrong). It makes me feel like I am doing my little part, and I can show support for somethings that are important to me. One is for autism:

One is for the "One" cause:

And one is for Breast Cancer:

Sometimes it's the little things that count.

And just to end on a happy note... I thought I would provide a picture of one of the cutest babies ever! Here is Brenna (sitting pretty):


goth :-)

I am 65% Goth.
Oh My Goth!
Oh My Goth! You Goth, Girl. There is a good chance I am bi. Freakiness pumps through my viens, but I can still laugh at myself.


Happy 4th!!!!!!!

Happy 4th of July all!!!!!!!

At Rochelle & Pat's after a great weekend at my Uncle's in DC. Went to the bar with my cousin Ian friday night, spent lots of time lounging by the pool, and watched movies with Mo (another cousin), Trav, and my Uncle Wray. It was a great time, with lots of delicious foods and plenty of relaxing... and we managed to avoid all traffic too. Now we are chilling with Ro, Pat, George, Barb (see picture), and Phil. They have all been drinking since hours before we arrived, and they are amusing to say the least.
This is Barb before the drinking even really started... very amusing.
Tomorrow Ro and Pat will be heading to our place to enjoy some fireworks and most likely BBQ, which will be fun. I love 3day weekends. There is just something about waking up on Sunday morning and knowing that you have a whole other day before the weekend is over, and the work has to start again, that just makes everything else seem a little better.
Friday was the last day for a work buddy of mine, Tim. He is returning to his home in London for the summer, before returning here in the fall for grad school... however he won't be returning to work... so it was sad to say goodbye because he really helped color the days. C'est la vie. It will be a little odd to return on tuesday and see his empty desk.
Well, back to the party and my fruity drink. Mmmm. I'm practically in the tropics. Have a great weekend and stay safe all.


Happy July!!!

Welcome to my new blogger page! I hope you all like this format as much, if not more, then easyjournal... and continue to come read me. Please leave comments, they are always welcome, and they will let me know you are here. Check out my photo page and other links to the right (slowly expanding), and of course, my transfered archives.

Anyway, Happy July everyone. I can't believe the first month of summer is over already! It's gone so fast so far, and before I know it, autumn will be here (my favorite time of year). I'm definitely in a good mood today... new month, friday, three day weekend ahead, and fun weekend plans in DC. Yes, I am definitely getting away from Philly for Live 8. It would be a little too much for me, i think. But DC, and visiting my Uncle, will be great.

Well, sorry so short... but much to do before the day is done.

Definitely check out my post below "Welcome SRM" (or something like that), which wasn't posted to easyjournal because of wanting to add pictures, but definitely warrents a look. Everyone should see the adorable addition to the Malnight family. For those of you who remember, the Malnights are the family with quadruplets that I used to work for. Well, baby makes 7 (5kids, mom, and dad) for this family now!