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I am completely surrounded by weddings lately. Which isn't a probably (except for reminding me about having to pay for our own), because I love love, and I love weddings, and I love loving weddings. :-)

June there was Ro and Pat's (obviously), then this weekend our friend Mary's sister Jen is getting married. I am babysitting for Mary's baby, Brenna (the cute one that I had the picture of before sitting on the bed) and Brenna's cousin, Sarah. And Jen is putting me up in the hotel for the night for doing so. I am very excited, I love taking care of babies, plus afterwards, staying at the hotel, its like a mini-vacation. Very nice.

Also, my friend Dave got married on the same day as Pat and Rochelle, to a lovely women named Rose...

I didn't get to attend their wedding, due to the fact that I was in Ro and Pat's, but they sent me these great pictures: This is one from their honeymoon in Jamaica!!
So cute, right?!

Anyway, I figured that everyone deserved some more upbeat reading material after that last post. I do think I really am just as manic depressive as my father. Up down up down up down up down, it's kind of a roller coaster... but you learn to live with such things. The funny thing is, days that normally depress people, actually make me happy. Yea, I love clear sunny skies, but I feel great when it is gray and over cast, and my favorite season is autumn, which is when everything dies. Does that make me weird or perverse?

Today I actually have a reason for being really upbeat though, besides just the weddings... Lauren and Hannah, my two hobags, are coming to see me today! And Miss Duke of Man herself, is making Trav and I dinner. :-) Very exciting. I love my hobags and can't wait to see them.
Well, I have to get going... work time, but everyone say hi okay?!

And of course... Congrates Jen!!!!!!!!

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