Happy 4th!!!!!!!

Happy 4th of July all!!!!!!!

At Rochelle & Pat's after a great weekend at my Uncle's in DC. Went to the bar with my cousin Ian friday night, spent lots of time lounging by the pool, and watched movies with Mo (another cousin), Trav, and my Uncle Wray. It was a great time, with lots of delicious foods and plenty of relaxing... and we managed to avoid all traffic too. Now we are chilling with Ro, Pat, George, Barb (see picture), and Phil. They have all been drinking since hours before we arrived, and they are amusing to say the least.
This is Barb before the drinking even really started... very amusing.
Tomorrow Ro and Pat will be heading to our place to enjoy some fireworks and most likely BBQ, which will be fun. I love 3day weekends. There is just something about waking up on Sunday morning and knowing that you have a whole other day before the weekend is over, and the work has to start again, that just makes everything else seem a little better.
Friday was the last day for a work buddy of mine, Tim. He is returning to his home in London for the summer, before returning here in the fall for grad school... however he won't be returning to work... so it was sad to say goodbye because he really helped color the days. C'est la vie. It will be a little odd to return on tuesday and see his empty desk.
Well, back to the party and my fruity drink. Mmmm. I'm practically in the tropics. Have a great weekend and stay safe all.

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