Happy July!!!

Welcome to my new blogger page! I hope you all like this format as much, if not more, then easyjournal... and continue to come read me. Please leave comments, they are always welcome, and they will let me know you are here. Check out my photo page and other links to the right (slowly expanding), and of course, my transfered archives.

Anyway, Happy July everyone. I can't believe the first month of summer is over already! It's gone so fast so far, and before I know it, autumn will be here (my favorite time of year). I'm definitely in a good mood today... new month, friday, three day weekend ahead, and fun weekend plans in DC. Yes, I am definitely getting away from Philly for Live 8. It would be a little too much for me, i think. But DC, and visiting my Uncle, will be great.

Well, sorry so short... but much to do before the day is done.

Definitely check out my post below "Welcome SRM" (or something like that), which wasn't posted to easyjournal because of wanting to add pictures, but definitely warrents a look. Everyone should see the adorable addition to the Malnight family. For those of you who remember, the Malnights are the family with quadruplets that I used to work for. Well, baby makes 7 (5kids, mom, and dad) for this family now!


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  1. Great page! Congrats on getting everything moved over here!


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