something like a drunk asian - aka - everybody has a water buffalo, mine is fast, but yours is slow, yes everybody has a water buffalo, a-ooooo

First we must point out that, as every good workout does, this particular evening started with me pulling on some lovely Lehigh University dance style exercise pants. Low, the mirrors that surrounded me pointed out my error, in that this particular outfit made my backside look not just like a butt, but like a whole AssWorld (hey, sounds like a nudie bar!)! I could practically see the little people dancing around on my backside, rejoicing at the bountiful amounts of land the good lord hath blessed them with. Rejoice little Asslandians!
Moving on.

So Barry, I have determined that it is impossible for a girl of my physical abilities to get into that position either, without sounding like an injured cat... at least after the 10th time they made us do it.
Putting that aside. While I didn't look quite as graceful as the women in the picture, I did manage to do all of the moves, and not look like a water buffalo in the process. Score one for Me.
It did not help however, that prior to the Pilates class, much more in shape Rochelle and I ran laps, used the elliptical for a half hour (okay, I only did 20minutes), and used the nautilus machines for inner thighs, outer thighs, hamstrings, and quads. Yea. I should have known that the evening would be awesome, when by the time I hopped off the elliptical, I had the face of a drunk asian. (No offense intended to anyone who is either currently drunk or asian, I have many asian friends, and many many drunk friends... not a diss in the slightest.) That aside, my face looked like a damn tomato (thanks for the great genes dad), and I was post-shower wet, minus the shower. This is of course, pre-Pilates.

The class went surprisingly well, besides the fact that by the end, everytime she said "lift your leg off the ground," said leg would vibrate as if I were laying on one of those cheese motel beds where you pop in a quarter. In celebration of the success of finishing the class, I proceeded to eat a donut. Welcome back calories, I missed you.

Today is already a success in that Travis did not have to roll me out of bed. Although I think I might save us some money next time, and just have someone punch me in the stomach and thighs, producing the same day after feelings.

TGIF y'all!

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