picture montage

It was a great weekend, and I definitely didn't want it to end... but I really don't feel like writing about it at the moment, so I will do that later. For now, some photos...

This are pretty much all older, but I think they are some of my better shots. They are all © me.

Those were all from Philadelphia, in or around Rittenhouse Square Park. Here is one from Arizona:

And some from China:

(Sorry the ones from China are so small... can't quite figure that one out... but you can see any of these at my Photo page).

Zai jian!


  1. Thanks hun... it definitely helps that I am on the computer all day at work. So when I need a quick break, I post.
    Yea, I've always loved photography. Been taking pictures since I was able to hold the camera (something I got from my mom). I'm glad you like my pictures. :-)

  2. Love the site. Extra thanks for watching Chattababy while mommy and I got tatered.


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