Random side note (yes, a side note before I actually begin my entry): I have decided that when Trav and I have a baby, it needs to be a spring baby, so that I can be "really pregnant" during the winter... because if I am "really pregnant" during the summer, I would die. I would spontaneously combust, and expire. I think that may happen just about any day not anyway, so watch for it. You'll see it on the news

I'm so very happy that it's friday... this body needs to sleep in tomorrow! Last night was a great time, but tiring. Got home from work around 5:50 like normal, my hobags (Lauren and Hannah) showed up with Megan around 6... and stayed until about 8:30 or so. Hannah taught us hip-hop dance, Manduke made us a mushy dinner, and we had a great time just joking around and talking. After they left, we just relaxed until we got a call from Trav's dad, then went to pick him up from the airport. We got him around 9:40, brought him back to our place to see it for the first time, then took him to meet Barb and the kids (trav's neice and two nephews, their grandkids) at his Aunt Pat's. I can't believe how big the kids are getting. Then we headed home to get some sleep... past our bedtime, already, at 11:30ish.

I'm very excited for this weekend, and for the fact that my birthday is in a month, and that a week from next tuesday we will be up in the Cape. Yay! I'm already starting my Cape Cod to do list. First off, we must must must hit up Baxter's, for thee best clam chowder EVER (notice the capital letter's for emphasis). Have to pick up some taffy for the office from the 'penny candy store'... and some penny candies for myself. Of course there will be swimming in the lake, riding on the boat, playing/fishing with the kids, and spending time with Travis' parents. Hopefully we can spend a night in Hyanis as well, have a fresh lobster dinner night, and maybe hit up P-town or Martha's Vineyard one of those days. I adore the Cape.

Okay, have to really get to work now... hopefully this day will go quickly.

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