feisty as ever

Work as always today (except for the hours, 8-4 instead of 9-5), but come 4 o'clock I am so outta here... and we are headed to Cape Cod. HOPEFULLY we will not hit too much traffic, as it is a long enough drive, and hopefully if we do hit traffic, it won't put Travis into too bad of a mood; but really either way, what does it matter, because tomorrow we will wake up ON VACATION! I honestly don't know if there is anything better. Today just can't go fast enough.

On top of the vacation stuff, it will be great to see Trav's Mom and Dad:

(Pictured here @ Christmas-time.)

They are a blast. Ahh the stories... like when John got bite by the dog and had to grow a mustache... or Barb dressing up on Halloween... let's just say that these are fun people.
But really, who am I kidding, I'm looking forward to the clam chowder. (Baxter's here I come!!)

I'm looking forward to lots of fun Cape Cod activities... the aforementioned clam chowder, probably a fresh lobster night, heading to P-town, swimming, boating, the penny candy store, fishing (I'm noticing I sound like a little boy from the '50s... golly gee ma), maybe some mini-golf, and lots and lots of relaxing! Heavenly, the relaxing. It will be nice for my body to get a break I think. We have played tennis 3 nights in a row now, and by "play tennis", I mean watch me attempt to set records on how many ball I can hit over the fence surrounding the courts... that's right over. Haven't quite got that aim or directionality thing down yet. But anyway, because of the flamboyant tennis, my body hasn't been able to completely rest itself, and I'm still a little sore from last wednesday/thursday. I look forward to the resting.
And next week it will be August! Only 2 weeks to my birthday then. :-) Plus we get to watch our friend Megan's dog Bandit from Wednesday to Saturday of next week. He's such a sweety, so it should be a fun time.
Okay, more work to do.
Until next week!!


  1. we just got back from cape cod (after driving from philly), and the ride wasn't too bad. I ate lobster for every meal one day just to soak it all into our short stay! We also played mini-golf (pirate's cove), and casey and brenna beat me (she was in the front carrier). Have fun!!!

  2. Thanks Mary, glad you had a good time, but also glad you are back! I missed reading your blog while you were gone! ;-) Trav and I always end up playing a round of putt-putt while we are at the Cape. Lol, neither of us is a "real golfer", so we have fun with something more on our level! Can't wait to hear all about your trip.

  3. Have fun. I liked the picture from the hotel room. I watched that hotel as it was being built.


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