Christmas Eve we drove around a neighborhood near our apartment, then down to a local park, to check out the lights, as is our tradition. And even as we walked in the chilly air, I couldn't quite believe that the next day would be Christmas! It felt like we had been preparing forever, but that it arrived quite suddenly.

But arrive it did. With gifts from Santa, and our families; tattoo money, book money, Legos, some new clothes, an ice cream maker for Trav, and a soda stream for me. It arrived with cinnamon buns for breakfast, Chinese food for an afternoon meal, and in between so much relaxed PJ time. 

Miss Daisy happily napped through most of it, popping up eagarly to help open her own stocking of special treats; then happily snuggling up with us on the couch for more napping. She really is a very willing companion on our lazy days.

We called and Skyped with family, and texted our tidings to friends; we build Lego Hagid Huts, and planned out gift card uses. Our disappointment was Amazon going down on us, thus making us miss for the first time our annual viewing of A Christmas Story. We made it work without that one tradition... but only this time!

I hope however you spent your holidays, they were Merry and Bright, and all that you wished for. 💖



Monday night we celebrated the return of light. As the longest night of the year passes, and the days come back to us. We lit candles around the house, decorated with pine cones, and ate a lot of yummy food with some beautiful framily.

Pork shoulder, salad with nuts and pomegranate seeds, roasted potatoes, and wassail. Plus some yummy treats that our friends brought (puppy chow!). It was a beautiful evening that made me even more excited for the rest of the holidays.

I hope Yule is good to you and yours.


Cookies and Signs and Celebrations

Happy Yule, my dears! Our celebration is tonight, so more on that later. In the meantime, other seasonal fun. Last week I went out with two girlfriends to celebrate both one of their birthdays, and the impending holidays. We did a cookie exchange, and a fun make your own project.

If you are looking for some delicious cookies, check out these Sugar Cookies and these Fudgy Crinkle Cookies. Both were crowd pleasers! I upped the vanilla in the sugar cookies, and exchanged some of the vanilla for peppermint in the crinkles - both very good choices!

We went to a place called board and brush, where you chose your project in advance, and they provide the materials, and the instructions, but you make it your way. We pounded/distressed the wood, sanded it out, stained it, screwed it all together, painted the background (if you wanted to), then added your pre-chosen design.

It was work, but a lot of fun! An we were all so pleased with how our projects turned out.

Plus, we headed home with lots of yummy treats to enjoy. Hanny's hot chocolate cup brownies are the cutest things! And her Christmas tree cookies were fun too. 

Daisy was very attentive as I ate one of Carissa's PB Balls!

It was so fun to celebrate Hanny, and just enjoy a really nice night out with the girls!


Doula Baby Grown

I've had the privileged of attending birthday parties for a few of my doula babies, and been invited to a few our travels kept us from attending. This last weekend we had the honor of attending the early first birthday party for my most recent doula baby.

He is just such a gem, and his whole family is so wonderful. So it was a real honor to be there!

This blog has become my record keeper, my diary of little moments in time to remember, but so often my words fall short. I've been so lucky in the amazing people that yoga and doula work have brought my way, and I'm often blown away at how rich I feel when I get to continue having them in my life!

Especially when I get to see my own daughter interact with them! 💖

I can't wait to continue watching these beautiful babies grow!


More Baby Days, and Things I Miss

With Gwen's 10th birthday approaching faster then I want to admit, I look at the person she's becoming with amazement and joy. I love all the things she can do now, the freedoms we both have. But I'll admit, when 13 month Mira was over the other day for me to watch her, I was reminded of a few little things from Gwen's babyhood.

The way she would hold the top of my shirt...

The weight of wearing her, right there where I could snuggle her close and smell her sweet baby smell...

How completely it could melt you when you look over to see them napping in any old soft spot... 

I don't want another baby, I'm glad that mine is such an amazing kid, but I'm so grateful for my friend's beautiful babies to let me relive some of these little moments.


Denver Zoo Lights.

I'm part of a Denver Murderino's group on Facebook, and the other day someone offered up some tickets to the Denver Zoo Lights (which was sold out). I was able to grab them, and Gwen and I headed over that night.

It was such a fun, beautiful event! So many lights, and lovely music in the cold night.

This is the second time Gwen and I have been, and I think the extra years made it a lot more enjoyable for Gwen.

There were a few animal exhibits open to enjoy as well, and I was so happy to see the elephants!

We also ran into some of our friends there, which was a really nice surprise and made things even more enjoyable!

It was a great evening.

Meanwhile at home, we put up a few more of our own lights. Not quiet as exuberant, but they do make me happy!