Denver Zoo Lights.

I'm part of a Denver Murderino's group on Facebook, and the other day someone offered up some tickets to the Denver Zoo Lights (which was sold out). I was able to grab them, and Gwen and I headed over that night.

It was such a fun, beautiful event! So many lights, and lovely music in the cold night.

This is the second time Gwen and I have been, and I think the extra years made it a lot more enjoyable for Gwen.

There were a few animal exhibits open to enjoy as well, and I was so happy to see the elephants!

We also ran into some of our friends there, which was a really nice surprise and made things even more enjoyable!

It was a great evening.

Meanwhile at home, we put up a few more of our own lights. Not quiet as exuberant, but they do make me happy!

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