I Wear The Forest

The most intoxicating perfume
can be found in the light of twilight
or the mist of morning
When dew covered moss
and sleepy violets
mingling with undertones of impending rain
spread their scent

The gentle deafening quiet
that accompanies that scent is a mix
of birds, breeze, pattering of feet
its a rustle and a swish
so quiet and so loud
I can hear it in the background
when I descent to sleep

It feels like warm sun
in that space between spring and summer
subtle, caressing
like a carpet of soft grasses
a sweater of dandelion fluff
coy and playful, like long hair
blowing in a breeze

I wear its scent so that it stays with me
when I return to life
the forest as my cloak
Decorating myself as a nymph
Feeling it when I close my eyes
when all else is hard, overwhelming
my sense return to the forest
I'm restored. 

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