More Baby Days, and Things I Miss

With Gwen's 10th birthday approaching faster then I want to admit, I look at the person she's becoming with amazement and joy. I love all the things she can do now, the freedoms we both have. But I'll admit, when 13 month Mira was over the other day for me to watch her, I was reminded of a few little things from Gwen's babyhood.

The way she would hold the top of my shirt...

The weight of wearing her, right there where I could snuggle her close and smell her sweet baby smell...

How completely it could melt you when you look over to see them napping in any old soft spot... 

I don't want another baby, I'm glad that mine is such an amazing kid, but I'm so grateful for my friend's beautiful babies to let me relive some of these little moments.

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