Daisy Update

Miss Daisy's recovery did not go quite as quickly as we had hoped, but here we are on the other side of it (mostly), and she's doing well. We're still putting a silly plastic bag bootie on her every time we go outside, to keep salt and rocks away from the area between her toe pads, while the skin gets less fresh and new, but otherwise our sweet beast is free of all meds, bandages, and other signs that she ever had a surgery!

This recovery was a frustrating one. We ended up getting stitches out before we had previously assumed (as they were irritating surrounding tissue and making for more bleeding/weeping/swelling), but ended up having to go in for way more bandage changes, and have the bandages on for a week longer then originally anticipated. Part of it was just the location (the bottom of a foot is a hard place to rest!), with added in complications of the amount of cauterization they had to do during surgery, and the aggressiveness of the type of tumor just meaning a longer healing time. That said, at 11, Daisy isn't a spring chicken anymore. Its hard seeing her deal with this, despite her being just the sweetest thing of all time.

On the other side, we're obviously glad we had this done, and once the need for the bag has passed, it will be just a memory soon enough. That said, each surgery this poor thing has gone through has been a harder and more frustrating recovery, and we don't know that we'd put her through that again in the future. Please send some prayers/thoughts/vibes into the Universe that our sweet girl doesn't need any more surgeries from here on out.

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