Christmas Eve we drove around a neighborhood near our apartment, then down to a local park, to check out the lights, as is our tradition. And even as we walked in the chilly air, I couldn't quite believe that the next day would be Christmas! It felt like we had been preparing forever, but that it arrived quite suddenly.

But arrive it did. With gifts from Santa, and our families; tattoo money, book money, Legos, some new clothes, an ice cream maker for Trav, and a soda stream for me. It arrived with cinnamon buns for breakfast, Chinese food for an afternoon meal, and in between so much relaxed PJ time. 

Miss Daisy happily napped through most of it, popping up eagarly to help open her own stocking of special treats; then happily snuggling up with us on the couch for more napping. She really is a very willing companion on our lazy days.

We called and Skyped with family, and texted our tidings to friends; we build Lego Hagid Huts, and planned out gift card uses. Our disappointment was Amazon going down on us, thus making us miss for the first time our annual viewing of A Christmas Story. We made it work without that one tradition... but only this time!

I hope however you spent your holidays, they were Merry and Bright, and all that you wished for. 💖

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