Cookies and Signs and Celebrations

Happy Yule, my dears! Our celebration is tonight, so more on that later. In the meantime, other seasonal fun. Last week I went out with two girlfriends to celebrate both one of their birthdays, and the impending holidays. We did a cookie exchange, and a fun make your own project.

If you are looking for some delicious cookies, check out these Sugar Cookies and these Fudgy Crinkle Cookies. Both were crowd pleasers! I upped the vanilla in the sugar cookies, and exchanged some of the vanilla for peppermint in the crinkles - both very good choices!

We went to a place called board and brush, where you chose your project in advance, and they provide the materials, and the instructions, but you make it your way. We pounded/distressed the wood, sanded it out, stained it, screwed it all together, painted the background (if you wanted to), then added your pre-chosen design.

It was work, but a lot of fun! An we were all so pleased with how our projects turned out.

Plus, we headed home with lots of yummy treats to enjoy. Hanny's hot chocolate cup brownies are the cutest things! And her Christmas tree cookies were fun too. 

Daisy was very attentive as I ate one of Carissa's PB Balls!

It was so fun to celebrate Hanny, and just enjoy a really nice night out with the girls!

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