Sometimes I Write Things

My Vow 

there's not enough time in the day
for all the things I want to read
for all the conversations I want to have
for all the things that need to be done

so I vow to stop pouring energy
into those that don't refill
and those that have big words
that disappear when the audience does

The State of Things 

there is no greater pleasure then sliding a clean body
between clean sheets

it feels like possibility

Pleasant Undoing 

all the sadness and frustration,
            the disdain and even the beauty,
rise, push, swell until I feel crushed
            by the weight of the world

then a break, the empathetic
           wave crests,
and the bubble of happiness
            carries me to the surface

it burst in the light of the sun
or by the gentle breeze
             that feels so soft
such a pleasant undoing

my skin is like paper
            that shines bright in the light
but creases and flutters
            lines and line and lines and holes

I pick the doodles that
            cover the outside
the inside full of other peoples
I can't erase them without tearing the paper

The Future 

the future is a dark crystal ball
sometimes as black as the new moon
sometimes swirls of grey
smokey like milk in coffee
always unyielding with her secrets
what I wouldn't give to know what tomorrow held


Get Out and Run

About two months ago, Trav let me know that he had a goal to train for a 5K... and more specifically, that he wanted to train for the Pride 5K in June.

Now, if you know me, you know I'm not at all a runner. In fact, I rather loath it! But if I'm going to train for any 5K, its going to be that one. So, I downloaded the C25K app on both of our phones, and off we went.

We've both done well with sticking with it, running 2-3 times a week, and I even ran while Gwen and I were on our Spring Break trip. I won't say that its a favorite for me, but its definitely gotten easier. I completed c25k before, it worked, I ran a 5k... and I have no doubt it will work this time too, and I'll run the whole thing come June 15th (very very very slowly, I'm sure... Team Rainbow Sloths represent). That said, I'm pretty sure the outcome will be the same: I'll run the 5K, then I'll let this particular exercise go, as I just don't enjoy it! (Though I suppose we'll see how I feel in June!)

That said, if you want to encourage me along the way and support a great cause in the process, check out Trav and my team page: Team Rainbow Sloths! If you're a runner, join our team and come run with us! If you're not at all a runner, make a donation... every dollar helps!


Semi-Wordless Wednesday {A Very Panda Day}

Not only do I get tattoos... but I hang out with friends while they get them too. 😝

Better yet, sometimes those friends come over for dinner afterwards, and draw pictures with Gwen. I'm so grateful for friends who love me and love my girl.


Celebrate Nature...

Just a little note to say...

Happy Earth Day, ya'll! 

On this day, like every day, we'll be over here enjoying the beautiful of the nature we are surrounded by. We'll take walks, sit outside, and keep trying to make little positive changes wherever we can: recycling, picking up trash, cutting down on our waste. We hope that you do the same, today and always. I get so overwhelmed sometimes, with the scale of what we are facing, but remember that even the little actions, the small changes, add up to make a big difference.


Some Early Bits of Color

Gardening in Colorado is a different beast for me. I've talked about this multiple times before, but each year feels like starting as a baby again. It still hasn't settled into a comfortable place the way gardening in Pennsylvania had (for example...). But each year I'm trying and adjusting and finding what works and doesn't.

This year I was super eager to get planting, but that requires some careful planning since, well Colorado weather can sometimes look like this in mid-May:

So I grabbed just a few plants, prepping all the pots, so when we do our full planting in May, they'll be ready... but planting just a little bit of hardy color to start our spring off:

 Mostly Pansies...

I can't wait to have all my containers full of plants bursting with color (begonias, mizo, coleus, and maybe some vegetables), but I love my little early bits of color that we can enjoy as the days start to warm and lengthen with Spring.

What are you planting this year?


My Girl, The Yogini

 We went on a family walk the other night, and my girl decided to throw out some yoga poses... 

She's getting so much stronger and finding her balance. I love these little opportunities to practice with her. 

 I can't wait to practice with her more this summer while we travel together. I'm so grateful for my little yogini.  💙



I've always been a big reader and magazines have always been a favorite. I love diving into novels, but there is something satisfying about the bite sized stories you encounter in magazines. That said, I long ago cancelled most of my subscriptions because I just didn't have time to read them.

Last year (wait, two years ago??) I broke out of that mold and ordered my first subscription in quite some time, to a magazine called Taproot. I'd discovered it through SouleMama, and was hooked on the previews before I'd even received my first issue. Once I got one though, I knew I wanted to write for them. Reading their pages inspired me from the first, making me want to write and create. 

Even if it was just a simple pesto, I always found myself cooking after reading those pages, and sitting down to write something on the blog.

I've submitted a few pieces, and while none have been chose yet, I'm definitely not going to stop until I get one of my articles in that magazine! Check them out!

What are your goals right now? If you're a creative of some kind, where do you find inspiration?


Friends and First Hockey Games

We had an extra ticket to a hockey game the other night, and took our friend James along. I didn't know it until we'd already invited him, but it was his first hockey game! 

I don't think hockey is going to be a passion of his, but he's one of my favorite people on the planet, so we had a good time. 

 Its also just so fun watching him and Gwen, they are so sweet together! 💗

I'm so glad we get to share one of our favorite things with so many of our favorite people!


This and That

Life feels very full lately. All the normal items, but its also getting to the time of year full of concerts, travel, and events with friends. Trav and I are in the process of training for a 5k as well, so we are running regularly. I... don't love it... but I'm getting it done, and I'm happy that I'm sticking with it. I'm preparing some workshops and special classes for the near future. I'm also in the process of renewing my CLEC (breastfeeding support certification), so I'm spending free time listening to lectures and doing homework. I'll let you guess which of those two I enjoy more. Its so good, but does make life feel a bit overwhelming sometimes.

Yesterday was beautiful, sunny and in the 60s, and best of all, for the first time in ages... I had nothing planned that had to be done at any specific time. So, I did some dog walking with Wag!

It was the perfect day to be outside, and Norman and Matrix were the sweetest boys!

That goodness for little days of calm in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. Where are you finding your moments of calm lately?


Ostara - Celebrating the Growing Light

I can't believe that its already the 1st of April. January and February seemed to last about 3 months each, but March was over in a flash. It is now officially Spring, a time of bloom and growth and lengthening days. Ostara happened while we were traveling through Texas, so we waited for our return home to have our feast and celebrate with Travis.

(Though by waited, I mean just until we got home... we literally got home and started cooking! Our feast was that very night.)

Strata with ham, spinach, and cheese; fresh, bright oranges and berries; sunflower seeds; and honey cake to finish it all off.  And of course, flowers and lit candles to celebrate.

I'm so grateful that Spring has arrived. So lifted by the growing light and the color popping out after a winter full of white and brown. I hope that you are celebrating the arrival of Spring in whatever way feels most authentic!