I've always been a big reader and magazines have always been a favorite. I love diving into novels, but there is something satisfying about the bite sized stories you encounter in magazines. That said, I long ago cancelled most of my subscriptions because I just didn't have time to read them.

Last year (wait, two years ago??) I broke out of that mold and ordered my first subscription in quite some time, to a magazine called Taproot. I'd discovered it through SouleMama, and was hooked on the previews before I'd even received my first issue. Once I got one though, I knew I wanted to write for them. Reading their pages inspired me from the first, making me want to write and create. 

Even if it was just a simple pesto, I always found myself cooking after reading those pages, and sitting down to write something on the blog.

I've submitted a few pieces, and while none have been chose yet, I'm definitely not going to stop until I get one of my articles in that magazine! Check them out!

What are your goals right now? If you're a creative of some kind, where do you find inspiration?

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