Some Early Bits of Color

Gardening in Colorado is a different beast for me. I've talked about this multiple times before, but each year feels like starting as a baby again. It still hasn't settled into a comfortable place the way gardening in Pennsylvania had (for example...). But each year I'm trying and adjusting and finding what works and doesn't.

This year I was super eager to get planting, but that requires some careful planning since, well Colorado weather can sometimes look like this in mid-May:

So I grabbed just a few plants, prepping all the pots, so when we do our full planting in May, they'll be ready... but planting just a little bit of hardy color to start our spring off:

 Mostly Pansies...

I can't wait to have all my containers full of plants bursting with color (begonias, mizo, coleus, and maybe some vegetables), but I love my little early bits of color that we can enjoy as the days start to warm and lengthen with Spring.

What are you planting this year?

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