Sometimes I Write Things

My Vow 

there's not enough time in the day
for all the things I want to read
for all the conversations I want to have
for all the things that need to be done

so I vow to stop pouring energy
into those that don't refill
and those that have big words
that disappear when the audience does

The State of Things 

there is no greater pleasure then sliding a clean body
between clean sheets

it feels like possibility

Pleasant Undoing 

all the sadness and frustration,
            the disdain and even the beauty,
rise, push, swell until I feel crushed
            by the weight of the world

then a break, the empathetic
           wave crests,
and the bubble of happiness
            carries me to the surface

it burst in the light of the sun
or by the gentle breeze
             that feels so soft
such a pleasant undoing

my skin is like paper
            that shines bright in the light
but creases and flutters
            lines and line and lines and holes

I pick the doodles that
            cover the outside
the inside full of other peoples
I can't erase them without tearing the paper

The Future 

the future is a dark crystal ball
sometimes as black as the new moon
sometimes swirls of grey
smokey like milk in coffee
always unyielding with her secrets
what I wouldn't give to know what tomorrow held

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