Get Out and Run

About two months ago, Trav let me know that he had a goal to train for a 5K... and more specifically, that he wanted to train for the Pride 5K in June.

Now, if you know me, you know I'm not at all a runner. In fact, I rather loath it! But if I'm going to train for any 5K, its going to be that one. So, I downloaded the C25K app on both of our phones, and off we went.

We've both done well with sticking with it, running 2-3 times a week, and I even ran while Gwen and I were on our Spring Break trip. I won't say that its a favorite for me, but its definitely gotten easier. I completed c25k before, it worked, I ran a 5k... and I have no doubt it will work this time too, and I'll run the whole thing come June 15th (very very very slowly, I'm sure... Team Rainbow Sloths represent). That said, I'm pretty sure the outcome will be the same: I'll run the 5K, then I'll let this particular exercise go, as I just don't enjoy it! (Though I suppose we'll see how I feel in June!)

That said, if you want to encourage me along the way and support a great cause in the process, check out Trav and my team page: Team Rainbow Sloths! If you're a runner, join our team and come run with us! If you're not at all a runner, make a donation... every dollar helps!

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