Ostara - Celebrating the Growing Light

I can't believe that its already the 1st of April. January and February seemed to last about 3 months each, but March was over in a flash. It is now officially Spring, a time of bloom and growth and lengthening days. Ostara happened while we were traveling through Texas, so we waited for our return home to have our feast and celebrate with Travis.

(Though by waited, I mean just until we got home... we literally got home and started cooking! Our feast was that very night.)

Strata with ham, spinach, and cheese; fresh, bright oranges and berries; sunflower seeds; and honey cake to finish it all off.  And of course, flowers and lit candles to celebrate.

I'm so grateful that Spring has arrived. So lifted by the growing light and the color popping out after a winter full of white and brown. I hope that you are celebrating the arrival of Spring in whatever way feels most authentic!

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