Semi-Wordless Wednesday {A Girl and Her Dog}

Daisy, eagerly waiting for Gwen to come out of school.
And couch snuggles a few days later: 

 I just adore watching my sweet girls love on each other.

That said... these pictures, as sweet as they are, were possible because of a scary situation. You might have seen something about it in the news (Hundreds of schools across Denver area closed during the search for Sol Pais), and it lead to a conversation about Columbine (almost exactly 20 years later), guns, mental illness, and safety. How I wish that I could protect Gwen from these realities forever... or at the least, I wish we could prevent some of these things from happening in the future by making it harder for people who are sick to be able to buy guns. I don't see a reason that anyone should have to walk off a plane and immediately buy a gun. I'm sad that we seem to value our gun ownership more then we value our children. I'm pissed that I have to reassure my 9 year old that she's safe at school. But I'm going to keep talking to her, keep having these hard conversations, and keep reassuring her that there is more beauty then evil in the world.

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