Oh What A Weekend

This past weekend ended up being quite the doozy. Trav headed out on Thursday to travel to Georgia! He very, very rarely travels on his own, so I was excited he got to take this trip. Not only did he get to meet some of his coworkers and see a different office, but he got to work at a really cool festival. Gwen and I do solo time often, so I wasn't worried about that. I was a little curious how our very full, very busy weekend would play out.

 (New hair on Thursday...)

I got a babysitter Thursday night so that I could go out to hear one of my writing idols read from her new book:

It was absolutely wonderful... touching, funny, overwhelming. Thankfully Gwen had Friday off of school, so we got to sleep in a little. She chilled in the studio office while I taught, and was generally lovely. It was gorgeous out too, so she spent hours in the late afternoon/early evening running around with her pack of wolves group of neighborhood friends!

All was well! Until it wasn't!

(Is it just me or is she about 75% leg?! 
Seriously, could her proportions be any more different then mine!)

We've now learned a valuable lesson about not wearing our cowboy boots to run around in... and definitely not wearing them when planning to jump down off of a fence. It was ruled not broken by urgent care and we were sent home with orders to cancel any plans for the next few days that involved being on her feet, R.I.C.E. instructions, and the info that sprains can hurt as badly as broken bones, so crutches might be necessary if she does have to walk.

So suddenly our weekend became a lot more wide open! (And we now own children's sized crutches, if you ever need to borrow some!) Oi vey.

Saturday we spent laying around and watching movies, lots of elevation and icing. Sunday we ventured out only for a Girl Scout meeting, which she spent a lot of time sitting for.

She's back to school today, and we sent her with some ibuprofen in her system, crutches, and a doctor's note excusing her from gym. She's felt a little better every day, so hopefully she's all mended very soon. Trav gets back from his trip after we're asleep tonight, so we'll see him in the morning... and ::exhales:: we made it through only slightly worse for wear!

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