WOTE Take 3! {2019 Concert #2}

You might recall for Christmas 2017, Heather was gifted with a trip out here so we could go to the Lady Gaga concert together. Well... Christmas 2018 brought her another such surprise! This time for Walk off the Earth. It was my 3rd time seeing them, and her first! This was my second time seeing them with James as well!

We had beautiful weather, warm and clear.

More about the rest of her visit later, but for now I just want to tell you about the concert. It was her and I, James, and Trav came (but worked it). WOTE puts on such an amazing show, but this one was a little different as it was the biggest venue I'd seen them at, and it was the first show after Beard Guy died.

Red Rocks is such an amazing venue, and I'm so glad I got to watch Babs experience it for the first time!

The show was amazing... high energy fun!!

Sarah and Gianni even came up into the audience at one point... right in front of us!

Near the end, we all lit up blue hearts in memory of Beard Guy, which made me tear up, but the rest of the night was all dancing, singing, and laughs.

I cannot wait to (hopefully) do this again with my lady love!

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