Lady Gaga and Auntie Babs

Back in the middle of November, BFF Babs's husband Keil contacted me privately. He had an idea for an early Christmas present for Babs and I, and he wanted my input. Within a few hours secret airline tickets were purchased, and within a few days so were tickets to the Lady Gaga concert that happened in Denver last week!

So the Monday after we returned from Mexico found me back at the airport picking up my longest and bestest girlfriend.

We had 3 freaking fabulous days together...

But the highlight was of course the Gaga show!!

We were on the floor... probably a mere 20 feet from the stage!

You know before this I always enjoyed her songs when they came on the radio, but I never would’ve considered myself a big fan. Now I’m a huge fan! She’s an amazing person.

This was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. I’ve never felt more loved and accepted by both an artist and a crowd. It was fun, uplifting, inspiring, emotional.

And that woman is a POWERHOUSE singer!

Babs stuck around until Thursday, when I had to stick her back on a plane (wahhhh). We did hit up her first aerial yoga class in between though!

Any chance to see my girl is amazing, but a surprise visit for a killer concert was even better! Miss you already Babwa!!

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