Escaping the winter and flying to Mexico wasn't something I'd ever imagined we'd be doing at the beginning of December, but when Trav's parents asked us to join them there back in February, we were happy to say Yes!

It was their Christmas gift to us, and I would always rather have experiences vs. items! And this place, well, it definitely didn't disappoint!

The flight out was early, we had to be up at 4am (which was not anyone's favorite!), but that meant that I was doing this by 5pm.

The resort we stayed at was in Nuevo Vallarta, just outside of Puerto Vallarta, and run by the Vidante group. We stayed at the Grande Luxxe and it was unbelievable!

There were something like 32 pools, and the beach right there as well.

We hit different pools almost everyday, sometimes multiple pools.

They also had some truly amazing restaurants, and we ate at different restaurants almost every day too!

It was interesting doing the trip to France, and then the trip to Mexico, in a row. The vacations, both so wonderful, were completely different! In France we were going and doing and walking and seeing constantly.

In Mexico everything slowed way down. We swam and lounged, we read and talked. The day's eased together in the most wonderful of ways, and the time there didn't feel too long or two short.

There were some special activities. At the beginning of the week we got to see baby sea turtles being released to the ocean.

Sadly, of all those babies, they said that chances are only 1 or 2 will survive until adulthood, which is why the conservation programs are so important.

It was wonderful too to spend the time with Trav's parents, and his brother's family.

Gwen and her cousin Wyatt are only 3 months apart, and both are only children, so when together they treat each other much like brother and sister.

They laugh and play and joke and tease and drive each other nuts.

I love every chance we get to see them together.

We ventured into town once during the middle of the week, heading to a place called PiPi's for dinner. It was a family run place with a mariachi band wandering and playing while you ate.

They also have margarita's that you could swim in.

There are so many pictures I want to share, but only so many things to say about them. The views were spectacular, the weather and atmosphere amazing; but a day-by-day review would definitely read "another day, another pool!"

I can tell you about how the lazy river with two crazy 7 year olds was not so lazy, and I must have said "get in your tube!" 200x in a row. I can tell you also that the last day we rode it, the little wave maker in it that kept the current flowing was some how jacked up to an 11, so Gwen and I almost flipped at the section of river next to the machine!

Towards the end of the week, the resort hosted a Mexican fiesta on the beach.

There were a whole row of stations serving traditional and modern Mexican dishes, demonstrations of traditional Mexican music and dancing, and people wearing traditional Mexican attire from the various areas of Mexico.

They also had games for the kids, and man wandering around making balloon hats, and a woman with a bird that chose fortunes for you!

It was quite the evening, and the staff seemed to really enjoy it as well!

The last few days of the trip seemed to pass quickly.

We were ready to get home by the end, but also sad to leave behind such a leisurely existence!

While there were some disagreements, and some not so fun moments (do yourself a favor and try to time your child's ear infection for a time when you aren't flying to another country!), it was a very memorable week.

¡Hasta que nos volvamos a ver, México!

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