Mother's Day

A month or so ago, I lost my wedding ring, I thought for good! I had to take it off at the gym because I forgot my lifting gloves, and it fell out of my pocket. I was so upset. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. After a day or two I started looking at rings, and I settled on this gorgeous band with a tree design and little, tiny diamond stars. 🌲✨

The next day I went to the gym and there was my wedding band! Someone had found it (who knows where, or who!) and placed it on top of a machine for me. I was so glad to have my original wedding ring back! But... I was a little disappointed not to be getting that gorgeous new band! It was just so beautiful, and so me!

Well, Mother’s Day came and so did my gorgeous ring!

I'm so in love with it, and so grateful for Trav and Gwen for getting it for me. Now I can wear both, which is even better.

The timing was perfect too, since I got home from my Rocky Mountain trip on Mother's Day. I was greeted with this, with a lovely card by Gwenie, and Trav cooked me one of my favorite foods.

I hope that you felt loved, honored, and seen on Mother's Day... whether it was a beautiful day or a hard day for you. Know you have my love.

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