our beautiful world

The events of yesterday were scary and saddening. But here is what I have to say today.

Evil's power lay in our actions and reactions to it. It desires to make us fear, to take away our faith, to turn us to its own ways, and to cut from us the sight of all that is good and beautiful in this world. But this is world is beautiful. Rise above evil, take away its power, focus on the amazing.

In the videos I saw yesterday of the explosions, I saw the fear and I saw the pain, but I also saw amazing police officers, firefighters, and even two military men push aside their own concerns, their own safety, and run to the aid of others. More would have certainly died if it weren't for their fast actions.

Instead of giving into the fear, instead of feeding energy to whatever evil brought the events of yesterday about, lets focus on them and on the injured and those who died. Remember the dead, comfort the injured, and praise the brave. Don't give evil the attention and notoriety it desires. The police and the legal system will take care of the guilty, lets put our energy into what is good.

Evil is a scream in the night. Good is the constant murmur heralding the coming day. It is stronger, it is continuous, it will always outlast.

As for me, my focus will remain on this beautiful dose of joy and innocence.

She reminds me of the good in this world and that it is worth striving for.

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