walking in the sun

Happy Earth Day!!

This weekend was spent outdoors in cool, but sunny weather. A great lead up to Earth Day! It was such a great weekend after a busy, trying week. We did lots of gardening on Saturday: weeding and mulching the front flower bed, and weeding and breaking up the soil in the back raised bed. We plan to plant our garden this coming weekend. We grilled dinner, and just enjoyed our relaxing day.

We also ran out to the store to pick up a package of "big girl underwear"! But more on that in another post. 

Sunday was the MS Walk. Definitely more work, but just as much fun. Gwen and I rocked out the full 5.5 miles, just like this:

I was super excited to hit my goal of $1,000 fundraising this year! I was lucky enough to win one of the team week competitions, and got to enjoy this sign along the route:

Gwen enjoyed the scenery, and the free food:

I enjoyed the knowledge that I am in much better shape this year then last year!

After we got home, Gwen finished her car nap, and I got showered, we all headed over to Pappy's, so Trav could do more cleaning and organizing. Gwen and I hit up the playground so she could swing, slide, and run to her heart's content.

I have to say, this weekend was fun anyway, but was really made it amazing was how great Gwen was. We had our moments... but she was just so happy, pleasant, and sweet. It really was fun to be with her, and I had more fun for having her there with me. I love being able to say that.

Busy, full, exciting week ahead... so posting may be sporadic, but I hope you are enjoying the spring that is finally upon us!

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