feels like summer

I love getting the chance to watch Gwen with her friends interact. I get it some when we go to Ro and Pat's house, but often the girls run off to the playroom and we hang out and chat downstairs. Getting to watch her and Tommy run around after each other was fun.

(The crappy cell phone shots are mine, the camera shots are my Uncle's.)

They have such a gorgeous place on the water. We all had a great time just relaxing and hanging out.

Too bad we didn't have today's weather then! It almost feels like summer.

Just like everyone else in the entire world I'm so excited for the warm weather and all the beautiful colors it brings. There are buds on the trees, little purple flowers in my back yard, and my lilies are coming up in my front flower bed. I love it all.

I'm taking some steps in my personal life to make some growth as well. The positive food changes are great, the yoga is awesome, but there's a mental health side that needs to be addressed as well, so a therapist has been found. Trav and I are going to hit that up together to work on some better communication skills and just making sure we are both getting the mental attention we need.

Good things.

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