weekend a go-go

Busy weekend that left me a bit exhausted, but it was so fun too.

Saturday we went to this:

With Ro, Pat, and the girls:

Gwen was a bit overwhelmed by the music and lights at first. And by the fact that the characters were a lot bigger then on TV! We had great seats too, right in the second row, so we were close. The characters would take turns coming off the stage to give high fives too.

After she got used to it though, she was a happy girl.

Happy, and mesmerized!

(Wands from Auntie Ro!)

We all enjoyed the show. The music was catchy, and it was just so fun hearing her sing along and clap her hands.

It was a gorgeous day anyway, so we rolled down the windows to catch a breeze on our ride back down.

We headed to Ro & Pat's place to hang out and eat dinner. It was the first time Trav got to see it. It was great having all the room for the girls to run around and play, while we hung out and talked. We got home late though, so we were all pretty ready for bed.

Sunday, Gwen thankfully slept in a bit... then headed downstairs to see that the Easter bunny had come.

She was very excited for her new book, swim suit, and training pants.

We spent the rest of the morning baking brownies (Gwen and I), dying eggs (Gwen and Trav), and roasting veggies for dinners this week (me). Later that afternoon we headed over to neighbor Joe's for an Easter egg hunt. Their two granddaughters were over, as well as their families, so Gwen had some playmates. The Easter bunny spoiled them there!

We were invited to stay for dinner, which we were happy to do. They always make us feel like family over there.

After hanging out for a while we headed back home to get Gwen in bed. She went down easily enough, but about an hour later the trouble started. She had mentioned that her stomach was bothering her before she went to sleep, but I figured she just ate too much and would feel better by morning. Well she ended up waking and fussing/crying, telling me her stomach hurt, about every half an hour until midnight when she finally let me give her some Myli.con. Thankfully after that she settled down and slept well, and she felt fine this morning. Mama was tired though!

Speaking of which, its time for me to get to bed! Hope your Easter weekend was as full and fun as ours.

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