can't wait to see what grows

I'm really enjoying the spring that is well and truly here. Even the rain today is welcome, since its watering my parched flowers (this April seems very short of our normal rain). I am extra happy it waited to come until today though, since this weekend was gorgeous and we got to spend so much time outside.

Friday night we went to Ro and Pat's place to play on their new swing set.
And I really... 


all of us!  ;-) 

It was a fun night.

Gwen preparing to "catch" Casey.
Saturday we headed up to my parent's house. I had a hair appointment, and Gwen was supposed to get her first cut, but she changed her mind when confronted with the prospect of getting into the chair. Oh well, we'll try again next time.

Afterwards we enjoyed the beautiful weather by running around out here.

My parents then watched Gwen while Trav, my brother and I went to see Evil Dead together. We're all a fan of the campy original, so we really wanted to see the new one. Definitely a way different feel, but a fun afternoon. We enjoyed a great dinner there before heading back home.

Sunday we got busy. Laundry, mowing the lawn, mulching, then heading out to pick up our plants. Now the garden is planted!

Peppers (3 kinds) for Trav.

Small leaf basil, sweet mint, chocolate mint, and summer squash for me.

We also picked up the seeds for the pumpkins we're going to plant, but they don't go in until the end of May. Fingers crossed they take!

After that we pulled out the grill, and some of these. 

Grilled pork chops, brussels sprouts, and potatoes; and a berry weiss on the side. Delish. A great end to a great weekend.

Today was busy, and consequently fast. Working from home tomorrow and looking forward to a slightly slower pace. For now, bed!

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