a la last week

Some pictures I thought I would share:
The view out of our hotel window (at the Hyatt, where I babysat)... the black ship (closer to top) is the one Jen got married on.

Here are the two cuties! Sarah paging thru the room service menu, and Brenna paging thru her own book. Aren't they the cutest?!

Relaxing together on the bed. Brenna was such a good sitter, when you put her in the "pillow corner".

This weekend has been great so far. This morning I woke up around 8 to dash out of the house and up to my parent's. My mum's b-day was last weekend (Happy Birthday Mamacita!!!!), so I delievered her present. Then my dad and I ran of to the notary to transfer the title of my car from his name to mine. When I originally bought it from a friend, we put it in his name to save some money on car insurence... but just never go around to changing it over after I graduated. Apparently this is actually semi-not legal for my insurence company. (Opps.) But they told me not to worry about it, but just take care of it. So we finally did.

$62 later, I "own" the car I've owned for the last 2+ years.

Afterwards I dashed off to see Laura and the kids. I finally got to meet the adorable Samuel!! He's so sweet. Laura isn't able to drive yet, and the poor girl just wanted to get out of the house for a bit and do some grocery shopping. So her and Rick took the baby and I watched the kids. They brought back lunch for us all, and we got to eat together, and I fed the baby. I left around 2 so that everyone except Rick could nap. He apparently had some crab grass calling his name, and a new Grateful Dead video as well. Lol, Happy Birthday Rick!!!

Then I was homeward bound to see my beau, who had a very lazy day. He was in bed when I called to let him know I was on the way home... at 2:30!! But he made up for that by giving me my first tennis lesson (with my brand stinkin new racket), which I actually really enjoyed. Playing that a few times a week will certainly burn a few calories. No wonder all those tennis ladies are so toned! It's hard work. Obviously I am no Venus or Marie or Stephi as of yet, but I didn't do too horribly either. Apparently my biggest problem currently is looking "too flamboyant" caused by having "too loose a wrist *insert wiggly wrist gesture here*". Thanks hun, that means a lot. I will work on being less flamboyant... but at this point, I think its a lost cause.
We will most likely play again tomorrow.

Here are some pictures from this weekend:

Here is Sam and mom looking so sweet together.
She is cooing at him, and he is just mesmorized by her.

You almost forget how tiny newborns are!

So far, a great weekend. And tomorrow I get to sleep in which will be lovely!
Okay, time for some sleep... but here is a picture to send you off:
Say hello to my awesome new sandels
(a la South St., last week on the way home from the hotel)...
and, of course, my lovely feet.


  1. I love your photo spread. Um, I am not sure how to add a masthead to a blogger account. TypePad is a little easier I think. Making one is easy enough, but adding one to a design template is another story. Let me see what I can find out.

    BTW very funny stuff. -b

  2. Thank you thank you! If you figure anything out, let me know!


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