wishing wells and temple bells, tornados and some jooce

I just love this picture... tornados are thrilling, no?

So I am being lazy, and will tell about my weekend... but most of the description comes from mary and jen's sister Megan (mother of one of the girls I watched). She did it so well, why mess with perfection? And her and Barry, are in some strange way, a little bit of perfection. :-)

So Saturday Trav and I walked the mile to the train station with our stuff for the night safely stuffed into a backpack, and hoped the train into center city. Once we got into the city, we decided to walk to the hotel, by way of Chinatown. It was great. We stopped in some shops, and visited an Asian Market where I picked up some yummy soft sesame candy (which I am about to eat the last of). It was very nice just to spend the time together, and spend it enjoying Philadelphia (instead of just working in Philadelphia, which I do daily). After that it was on to the hotel... about a 1.5 or so mile walk, and boy was it hot. Lol. As for the drama of Saturday night, well I will let Megan "tell" you about that. First have to mention that Sarah and Brenna are two of the sweetest girls ever, and I had such a good time taking care of them. (I love how Sarah calls everything liquid, "juice".) Plus I loved seeing Travis look at them with such amazement... he kept going, "they are just so sweet". It was adorable.

Okay, Saturday night: "The ceremony itself — on the upper deck of this cool boat with masts — was delayed due to rain because the boat staff kept thinking it would stop. Well, it didn't, so the wedding party just walked out in the wind and drizzle and stood on a deck looking down at all the guests. It was awesome. It would not have been half as cool with the sun shining, and I bet the pictures will be great!
Well, after the ceremony Barry and the babysitter
(that's me) walked Sarah and Brenna back to the hotel only to find Sarah's backpack locked in my parents' room. The latch had caught from the inside, so the babysitter's boyfriend had to call the front desk to get the door open. It turns out doors just don't lock themselves — their was some dude in my parents' room — going through their stuff, trashing everything and eat ing my mom's pills. My dad had to miss most of the reception, but he said going to the police station in the squad car was fun because the officer ran all the red lights.
My favorite moment of the weekend was during the ceremony. We stood so close to Jen and Kim as they said their vows that we got to see so clearly the love and emotion between them — how they held on to eachother and made eachother laugh. I have known Jen for 28 years now, and it is so wonderful to see her marry someone so perfect for her. The minister-lady even told the story of how Jen and Kim met at "speed dating." They didn't have a "speed date;" instead they sat next to each other as the other daters sped through. They had such a wonderful time talking in between dates that they decided to get together later. Isn't that way too cute?!

So interesting times indeed... they arrested the dude that was in the room, and we just kept the girls in our hotel room for most of the night before putting them down in their respective parents rooms. They had a baby monitor with them, so Brenna was in her mommy and daddy's room, and we stayed in the room with Sarah... with the monitor listening to Brenna.

The next morning we had a nice breakfast before heading out. We walked down to South Street (at 4th), and then walked up South to 11th, then over to the train station. It was probaby almost 2 miles, so we got our workout again... routinely stopping in stores to get some A/C. It was hot!! Plus we had another mile to walk when we got off the train. But it was all worth it, and a great time. Definitely nice to spend the weekend in Philly.

On another note: I am already looking forward to Autumn (specifically October). Autumn is my favorite season, and it includes some of my favorite times of year: Halloween and Trav & my anniversary... October 13th will be 5 years for us. :-) This year it is my turn to plan the celebrations... and I started poking around on the internet to figure stuff out. He doesn't usually read this, so I will chance writing a non-specific version of my idea. First off it had to be something inexpensive, the whole saving for a wedding thing, and a i have to work that weekend, we were hoping for something that we could do the night of or the next night (Friday). So I found this great place in Media (only about 15 - 20minutes from our place), that does seasonal activities. I figure I will get us dinner in the city, and bring it home with me... he can probably grab me from the train... we can eat and relax, then head over to this place for a little autumn fun. It's real cutsy and involves pumpkins and cider, and I think it will be a great time, because it is super relaxing and we can do it together. Plus is is very inexpensive!

Thought for the day: my boobs have been very tender lately... could they be growing?! not that I care, but please dear heavenly father, let them be growing. that's all.

Okay, back to work!

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