random thursday thoughts

Some people might call this puppy abuse. Some of us are just enjoying it too much to call it anything other then F*ckin Funny.

Yesterday I paid a woman to rip all the hair off of my legs. Love how that works. It's also "funny" how it hurt like a bitch and didn't even seem to work all that well. I guess we'll see if I end up having to shave while on vacation. *sigh*

I also went out for a drink. ME! Out! With Travis and OTHER PEOPLE. For a Drink!
It was fun. Paul, Biv, and Amy are definitely good company (coworkers of Trav, plus one wife)... although I was falling asleep by 11:30 (damn 10 o'clock bedtime), and we left by 12. I'm exhausted today, but it was worth it.

I've realized that I am no longer a night person, since I have to get up every morning... and I was never a morning person. So what am I now? Oh yea... Always tired. That's what I am.

I also dropped off my ring to be resized, and won't get it back until after vacation. My finger feels naked.

Okay, enough randomness. Joe is buying me lunch for a belated b-day thing. Yay!

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