no internet and the front desk make megan a dull girl

Much more mild today... I'm liking that (this weekend they are calling for highs of 82 and 83!). At the front desk in Miyano's absence, not enjoying that nearly so much. At least we got our internet back... yesterday it was out, all damn day. Makes for a very long day.

Invitations are in the mail as of this morning, a little early, but not very much so. I can't believe its that time already. Next friday is Cape Cod, next tuesday is my birthday. It all goes so fast after that! I can't wait to start getting responces.

Hopefully tonight Trav and I can go for a bit of a walk to enjoy this great weather.

I'm thinking about getting extensions for the wedding so that I have more hair to play with... if I can get them inexpensive. Creepy or no? Just not thrilled with my fine, limp, not growing fast enough hair. Urgh.

Anything else? Not right now...

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