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Its been quite a week, and despite the 3 previous posts, I haven't really SAID anything much, have I? It seems that I should never take a half-day from work because every time I do, something ridiculous comes up. Last week it was cellulitus. This week, and the half-day I took off to get the things done that I didn't get around to last week, was interrupted by this guy:

Oh my, right?!

Trav encountered him while out on his morning walk with Daisy. The poor teeny guy, was running down the road. No collar, no owner in sight, scared to death and cold (he has no fat on his body). Trav coaxed him over and we've since been on a mission to a) find his family or b) find him a new home, while c) fattening the poor boy up. We've called the police and animal control in case someone reports him missing, but right now b is our preferred option simply because he looked very underfed for how long it seems he was out from the condition of his fur, nails, and teeth. Also, the fact that no one reported him missing the second he was gone is saddening. He's the sweetest. I'm calling him Mongo.  :-)

He appears to be a boxer mix (with terrier? maybe?), about 7ish weeks old. He's not yet housetrained, but is picking up on it pretty quickly.

So yeah, that was Tuesday!

Wednesday and Thursday were a blur of work things and then OMG I forgot how much attention puppies need things. My coworker and I went to tour some business spaces available, since our office lease is coming up. That was pretty fun, actually. Tonight the puppy is getting a bath.

Happy Friday! Happy Summer Solstice! Enjoy the longest day of the year (and in my mind, the countdown begins to Autumn... LOL). And if you, or anyone you know in the PA/NJ/DE area are interested in a sweet puppy, drop me a line.

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